Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What A Great Way To Start the Week!

It is always nice to have a good Monday, isn't it? It didn't start off very well, but finished wonderfully. We called the AC man several times this morning and he said he didn't get any of the messages we left on his cell phone. We finally reached him in the afternoon and he came by about 7:00. Apparently he had some wires attached incorrectly that kept causing the unit to overheat or something like that. All I know is... it has been working wonderfully since then! It is actually chilly in my house right now. The real test will be later this week when it gets hotter. In the meantime, I will sleep well tonight under cool sheets!

I finished the center part of the Stairstepper quilt. I have two borders I still need to put on it. It seems a bit narrow for me, hopefully the borders will make it significantly wider.

I also planned out the borders for my own quilt and Gentry completed "X" today. So, I feel like I had a pretty productive day today. :c) I guess tomorrow will be all about borders.

Quiltpixie, as far as the pattern for the basket liner... it already had a liner in it, that I wasn't supposed to take apart. So, I ironed various pieces of freezer paper on the different parts and sort of traced around them. Then I cut out the pieces (there were only three - one bottom, two sides) and ironed them on to the new fabric and cut around them. It was probably not the best method, but I managed.

Jane, no please don't give me any "spoilers"... I refuse to even read book jackets as I think they tend to give too much away. I like to just let the story unfold without having any clue of what is to come. However, I am not sure, but I think it is possible that Earlene may have given too much away with the title alone. But don't tell me if I'm right or wrong! I'll let you know when I finish so we can talk about what we thought.


Nancy said...

What a cool quilt! But then I love red. :-) I haven't done a bargello in a long time except for a small pillow at Christmas. Maybe it's time to pull some of my strips and make one for me.

So glad you got your AC problems worked out. I live in TX so I understand the importance of Ac in the summer time. If mine went out I think I'd just have to take myself to t motel until it was fixed!

quiltpixie said...

Your stairstepper quilt turned out beautiful. I've never done a bargello, and am playing with the idea for some music print fabric I've collected to give it a sense of movement...

I'm so glad you've finally got cold air. Hope it continues to work properly and you can enjoy it throughout the summer. :-)

ForestJane said...

I wouldn't do that anyway, I was just teasing. :)