Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy, busy, busy....

I feel like it has been forever since I posted, when really it has only been a few days. I did manage to work on my log cabin blocks on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon (when I was with my friend). I have only one side left to sew on them, but haven't done a bit of sewing in over 48 hours. I'm just too bogged down with life right now that I can't seem to get in the mood to sew. Before the brain fog rolled in though, I did manage to make a test block of the pattern I plan to use on my Paducah Charms quilt. I liked the way it came together so I think I'll stick with it. But I don't get to work on it until I have at least one of the tops quilted. And yes, ladies, I do plan on quilting them! I have never let them pile up before. My sweet hubby promises me that we will get the backing and batting and thread tomorrow and that he will also baste it then too! Now, I love my dear husband more than life itself... but, he does tend to break a lot of promises, God love him. So, we will see.

Yesterday we discovered that the Heffalump birthday supplies my son was hoping for (for over 6 months now) was no longer available anywhere! We went to 5 stores looking. So, we had to start over and I really wanted him to find something he could be excited about and look forward to having for his birthday. Finally, at the last store of course, he picked Curious George! I'm going to have to rethink all the plans, but they had a whole lot of different things so it shouldn't be too hard! Besides, I am fond of that little monkey myself. :c)

Took my dear daughter to her very first eye appointment today. She needs glasses. She is only 8 and it can be hard when they are so young. I was the same way. She did really well with the appointment and had fun trying on different frames. She initially had her heart set on a purple pair of frames, but when she looked in the mirror decided the gold ones matched her hair better. LOL! Oh, it is starting already!!!

Now, on a personal note.... meaning totally not quilt related so feel free to just gloss over this part. We have decided to homeschool again this year. However, it won't just be my daughter this time around it will be my son too! I know it is best for them both and I'm a firm believer in doing what is best for my kids... their needs before mine! However, a small part of me was hoping to be able to spread my wings a bit, maybe take on a part-time job or something. Hubby works morning, afternoon and evening, so I could really only do something when the kids would have possibly been in school. And we would never even think about daycare around here!!! So, that just leaves me. Now, that I have gotten over my initial selfishness, I have become completely overwhelmed at planning the curriculum for two, and at such different levels, and such. I know I will do it... just haven't figured out exactly how yet. And I do tend to be a perfectionist so I know I'm putting way more pressure on myself than probably necessary. I complained to hubby that all this "thinking" was the reason for my lack of sewing. He surprisingly promised that on Sunday he would get together with me and work it all out. Again, I know all about his promises, LOL! But the thought was nice and appreciated. One definite good thing though is that the kids will be going to "The Art House" one hour a week and I will have the whole house all to myself! I'm looking forward to it already!

Oh, and just between you and me... another reason I haven't been sewing is that I have become addicted to a BBC show that we rented through Netflix. I have only watched the first season, but am hooked! It is called "Monarch of the Glen". It is great as I used to watch Ballykissangel, but that show has been over for some time now and this kind of has the same light drama type of a feel and some great humor as well.


ForestJane said...

If you google 'curious george party,' you'll find lots of neat ideas both from the publisher and other moms who've used it as a theme. :)

Sounds like a good excuse to get pizza (Curious George gets a Pizza) make and fly kites (Curious George flies a kite) and have banana pudding to ME!

quiltpixie said...

so are you making a sock monkey as a gift????