Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Well, I have you completely up-to-date now on all pictures. Sadly, that doesn't cover all that I've been doing. There are some new projects I have started, others that I've worked just a bit on here and there. But the newest and main project I have going right now, aside from finishing my daughter's quilt, is my son's birthday quilt. He wanted an ABC quilt. So, I'm tracing letters and objects on fabric and he is coloring them. We have 5 blocks completed right now. He doesn't know that he is coloring fabric for his own quilt, so that will be a big surprise on his birthday. Today I'm going to go play outside in the sprinkler with my kids and if time allows, my son and I will do block "F/Fish" and tonight I'll be quilting on my daughter's quilt. I would love to be finished with the quilting part by tomorrow night and working on the binding. We'll see how it goes though.

Crazy Pillow

While this isn't a quilt project, I did use my "free-motion quilting" foot on my sewing machine to make it. It is a bit too wild for me, but is still lots of fun!!!

Daughter's Garden Quilt

My daughter designed the center part of her birthday quilt this year. She wanted different florals surrounded by different greens (no repeats) and sashed with brown for dirt... a garden! I added a fence for a border here is a picture of the quilt top before I added a final border of green (for grass). The quilt was basted last night, so I guess I'll be doing some quilting tonight. LOL!

Jacob's Ladder Swap

I participated in a Jacob's Ladder block and fabric swap this fall. I put the blocks together and have this quilt top now. I have not made any decisions regarding borders yet.

UFO #2 Snowmen

The second completed UFO was this snowmen wall-hanging. It is actually the 12th quilt in a calendar like series... this is for January and while I finished all the other months right away, this one took two years to get around to actually doing. LOL!

UFO #1 Heart

As part of a challenge to finish UFO's, I finally completed this little wall-hanging. It took so little time that I'm ashamed I didn't finish it sooner. LOL!

Christmas Placemats

Also for Christmas, I made my brother and his wife placemats.

Trying Twelve Finished!

I finished the Trying Twelve quilt for my sister and gave it to her for Christmas. As you can see by this picture with my niece and her family that my sister found a great spot for it.

Robbing Peter to Pay Jack

This past Halloween I started working on a new project. I have only one block done, but it is so cute it can easily stand on it's own.

Autumn Sampler Blocks

I have 5 more blocks done for my Autumn Sampler...
Mrs. Cleveland's Choice, Double Irish Chain, Contrary Husband, Wedding Ring and Album.

Sampler of Psalms, Blocks 9 & 10

I've completed three more blocks for my Sampler of Psalms quilt. I have pics of two of them here...
Block 9 Treasure Chest

Block 10 Footstool

I hope to post a picture of Block 11 as soon as I get one.

Long Time... No see...

Yes, I know... I've been away forever! It doesn't mean I've stopped quilting though. I have kept up with it, but at a much slower pace. I began home-schooling my daughter this Spring and well, that really took a huge chunk of my quilty time away. I'm back now though and I do have pictures to post. So, please forgive me for my absense. ;)