Friday, June 30, 2006

My sweet son....

My daughter is sweet too, but today it was my son that made me smile over and over again. His name is Gentry and he knows exactly how to pull at my heartstrings. Well, while the two were taking their nap, I took the A, B and C fabric blocks that he had colored and sewed them into the first row of his birthday quilt. I really love the way it is looking! It is so simple, yet so perfect for him right now. I liked it so much it was all I could do to keep from running into his room to show him why he was really coloring fabric. But I so want the whole thing to be a surprise on his birthday. I mean, he's knows he is getting a birthday quilt, as both kids always do each year. And he knows it is an "ABC" quilt as that is what he suggested. He even went to the quilt store with me to pick out two fabrics for it. He had to have the green as it is his favorite color and he specified that he wants a "Green ABC" quilt. LOL! But, he doesn't know that he has been coloring this fabric for me to use in his quilt. He loves to lay them all out and look at them. Well, today after we finished coloring "P/pumpkin" he went to lay them out and discovered that the three were missing. I told them they had disappeared and he threw a fit, completely devasted! So, I told him that I had taken them and am doing something special with them, but it is a secret and so I can't tell him about it. He then proclaimed that I'm using them in his ABC quilt!!!! I said, "Now why would I do that when I already those two wonderful fabrics you helped me pick out... the green and the ABC's?" So, I didn't exactly lie to him... but I did try to mislead him a bit. The good news is that he seemed as thrilled with the prospect as I hoped he would be when seeing the final quilt. I am going to do the second row tomorrow which means 5 more letters will be gone... oh I hope he doesn't get too upset with me.

I was also productive with my two other projects today. I finished one of the steps in the stairstepper quilt and I finished cutting all the pieces and piecing the first step of making blocks for my pattern. I'm timing each step to see how fast or not so fast the whole quilt is. I'm a pretty slow lady so if it is fast for me, it should be fast for most others.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Decision Made

I finally feel at peace with my border decision. I had a big long talk with hubby last night and my original pattern is much more user friendly. Sorry, mom, but perhaps I'll use your idea at a later time. Now that I have a decision made I feel so much better! Now, I just have to get going on making the first quilt. I'll wash all the fabrics today. By the way, does anyone know what the rules are as far as copyrighting patterns?

I've been quilting for over 10 years now and I've finally decided to join a guild. A friend of mine from church is a member, so I emailed her for info only to learn that she is now the President! Congratulations, dear friend, I'm very proud of you! They are having a session on crazy quilts this Saturday and I hope to attend.

I have been relying on a friend to take the pictures on her digital camera that I post here. But I hate doing that. So, I'm going to look into other alternatives today... I have other quilts that I know I would like to post. So, wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I designed a FQ pattern!

I excited to say I designed a FQ pattern. I have nearly all the instructions typed up and everything. But my mother suggested I do the border a bit differently so I'm giving that some consideration. I have 4 opinions on the subject and the results are split down the middle. I was really hoping for a real lean in one direction. I have already picked out my fabrics to make one for myself and a friend has offered to be a pattern tester. I have a ton of stuff going on right now, but once I get the decision on the border made I would like to spend a little bit of time each day getting the quilt done... even if it is only 15 mins.

I washed the fabrics for my son's quilt today, but didn't get to work on cutting yet. I did, however, work a bit more on the Stairstepper quilt. So far it is pretty easy, so I can think about other things while I'm working on it. LOL!

Now, something to ponder over. What do you do about friends that aren't really friends? I mean there are friends out there who are wonderful to you when times are tough, but when things are starting to go well, like a wonderful relationship or new job opportunity or whatever, they are no longer supportive... in fact, they actually try to sabotage your new happiness. I guess an obvious reaction would be that they are jealous. Does that mean that you should feel sorry for them and accept their negative behavior? Or do you realize that life is short and you want to surround yourself with true friends? Yes, there is a reason I'm having to ponder this matter. And I have actually already come up with my own conclusion. But it would be interesting to know what others have done in the same situation...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A/C, ABCs and 123

Our A/C finally quit on us! And boy is it hot in the house. However, thanks to my wonderful sister, we have a window unit in my room now, so we at least have a cool room and bathroom. The computer, TV and sewing machine are in my room as well, so we have all been camped out in here today. Which isn't uncommon, but it has been more consistent with the cooler air.

ABCDEFGHIJKLM.... yes, I'm singing. My son has colored blocks for all those letters now. We had a slight delay in the coloring with VBS and FlyLady Camp, but today he did 2 1/2 letters. I will probably trace a few more tonight so that they will be ready when he is.

123... I feel like I'm following a very easy step by step method on this quilt I'm making for my MIL. She was really sweet and took me to Paducah in April for the AQS show. She doesn't even quilt, which made it even more kind. While we were there, we picked up a pattern and FQ pack from one of my favorite stores, Pincushion. It is in CA and the FQ packs are called "sweet treats". You should go visit their online store... Anyway, here is a picture of the pattern that I'm making. It is called "Stairstepper". The color choices I'm using are different, with dusty mauves and sage greens and rich burgundys, etc. I'll post pics when I can. I'll admit I haven't gotten very far yet. But now with the A/C going to be replaced I should be able to get a lot more done!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Even Hotter!

Sadly there was no quilting at the church yesterday, everyone is out of town. So, I was stuck at home in the heat. It was even hotter in the house yesterday. It is only two days into Summer and already this heat is too much.

No Flylady Camp today. My 4 year old is sick and can't keep anything down. So, perhaps before the heat is unbearable here in the house I can get at least 15 mins of sewing done.

Now, food for thought, does anyone ever come here? Does anyone ever read this blog or enjoy the pictures? I know a few people that do, but there are never any messages left. It gets lonely here, so please leave messages if you stop by. Yes, I know you have to sign up to be able to leave messages, but it really isn't that big of a deal and it only takes a moment.

Okay, I'm off to get a bite to eat and then try to get that 15 mins in before the heat takes hold like the giant flaming monster it can be!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Oh, it is so very hot here! And my horrible home has a poor excuse for an A/C on top of not being properly insulated and sealed. So, we are all roasting here. And sadly that means no quilty stuff done for days now.
On Saturday, my birthday, I went to the church and started working on a bargello inspired quilt for my step-mom. Sunday, Father's Day, gave hubby the pillow case which he loved! It took him all day to work through the puzzles and find it though. LOL! Yesterday and today the kids and I are doing Flylady Camp. So, we have been not only hot, but very busy. Tomorrow, hubby will take over "camp duties" and I'll get to go play at the church and hopefully get some quilty stuff accomplished. I'll probably work on my step-mother's quilt, trace some more blocks for my son's quilt, or work on another Sampler of Psalms block. Wow, what if I managed to work on all three!!! That would be a good day!
Now, I recently found out, after the fact, that we had a tornado on my birthday, right here in Cordova. I knew it sounded bad outside, we had some power issues, but I didn't hear any sirens so I didn't worry too much. It was just a few miles away and I was actually watching the news at the time but there were no indications. It makes you wonder!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Head cold is weighing me down!

Yes, I have a head cold. It is no doubt something the kids have brought home from VBS. I'm still managing to get a bit accomplished though. I have been working on my son's birthday quilt today. Actually, I just cut up the freezer paper to adhere to the back of the blocks and traced some letters and pictures on a few... all ready for him to color. He is working on "K/King" block. He still doesn't know that I'm going to use them for his quilt and I still want the whole thing to be a surprise. However, he loves to open the container they are being stored in and laying them out "like a train", he says. How am I going to sew them up into a top when he wants to look at them all the time? Okay, so here is what I've decided to do... I'm going to have one row of blocks disappear at a time. He'll ask where they are. I'll say they disappeared, like magic, and that I'm sure they will turn up soon. He is only 4, he won't know any better. But, yes, I do feel guilty for fibbing to him. I'll apologize to him on his birthday... after I give him the quilt. :) I guess I should go throw the fabric into the washing machine so at least that part is done.

Saturday is my birthday, but I doubt it will be anything special, so I'll go hang out at the church and get some quilty stuff accomplished. I don't know what yet. I suppose it depends on whether or not I want to lug my machine over there. If not, I have plenty of cutting to do for various projects, definitely enough to keep me busy for a couple of hours.

Sunday is Father's Day and in addition to making the pillow case for my hubby, I've made up a ton of puzzles that he will have to follow around to eventually find his present. I'm starting off with a jigsaw puzzle, well it is really a letter to him ending in a riddle that has been ripped up and needs to be put back together. Half of the pieces will be in each of the cards the kids give him. The riddle, when solved will lead him to a Logic Art puzzle. When he solves that it will be a picture of the place to find his next clue. That will be a rebus puzzle leading him to look in his inbox to find two e-cards from the kids. One will contain a cryptogram, the other a hint to get started. That puzzle will lead him to look all over the living room for a bunch of hidden neckties, each will have a letter attached, which he will need to rearrange to find the location of his next clue. That spot will contain the final clue to find the location of his present. I chose some of the types of puzzles and games so that the kids would be able to help too. I'll get back to you on how long it takes him to complete everything. I may go by the $ store and buy a few little things for him to find with various clues just so he feels like he is getting a bit of something on the way. ;)

All of this effort makes me wonder what, if anything, he has planned for my birthday??? Hmmm...

I've Been Busy!

I have several pics to add. I've been busy and productive! First of all I finished my daughter's garden quilt...

I also made my hubby a pillow case from some donated blocks. There are more blocks leftover to make a matching quilt later on... perhaps for his birthday.

I finished another UFO. This was from a stained glass class. My 4 year old has already claimed it for his room.

And here is that picture of the Bird's Nest block from my Sampler of Psalms quilt.