Saturday, July 29, 2006

Food for thought...

You know your husband must be feeling rather guilty when not only does he make your dinner, but he serves it like this! Either that or I really am the love of his life. :c)

Jane, in answer to your question... it is Grilled Garlic, Herb & Butter Fish, Grilled Zucchini and Peach Slices. It was actually a perfect meal for me as I'm on a weight loss program and this meats all the requirements. It tasted so good too. Then again, I love zucchini, it is probably my favorite and the fish was very flavorful with a nice texture.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Still plugging along...

Just working on quilting Gentry's quilt. I hope to at least move on to the binding soon, even though binding is my least favorite part.

I have found out about a BOM at a LQS that I just really want to participate in. Just trying to talk the hubby into it. Being that he works all the time, it would disrupt his schedule. As of yesterday there were still 12 openings, so I just have to wait and see what he decides. But I REALLY want to do it!

Been busy preparing for home-schooling. Still have a lot to do, but most of the supplies and books have been taken care of. :)

I'm also working on a counted cross-stitch thing for Gentry for his birthday. It is only a 5 x 7 project, but I'm slow. He will love it though as it is Roo and Lumpy from Winnie-the-Pooh. Now, if only I could make days that had at least 36 hours to them. LOL!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Inspired by Anne's blog post, I decided to change my "calendar quilt" a week early. Here is my August wall-hanging. The picture in the middle is actually a mirrored version of a picture of my daughter when she was just over a year old.

I have been slowly quilting along on Gentry's quilt. It would be nice if I had it quilted in a week as I really want to get the top to the Raspberry Tea quilt finished before school starts. And boy does school start insanely early around here... 2 weeks from today!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sweet Man of Mine...

Yay! Gentry's quilt is getting basted as I type. ;c) I snapped this pic of the hubby trimming the batting and backing. He threatened to quit if I did it again. LOL! He is such a sweetheart sometimes! And if doing the basting wasn't enough.... the youngest wasn't feeling well, so I had to stay home and my dear man went out and picked the backing fabric and thread for the quilt... both in the "perfect" shade of green to match! I'm definitely counting my blessings tonight!

I finished the log cabin blocks, changed the layout, decided it will need some applique here and there, and decided to call the whole thing "Raspberry Tea".

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Back on track

I'm back to the log cabins and half of the blocks done! I hope to get them all finished before I start quilting on Gentry's quilt. And, no, hubby hasn't basted it yet, but then he is still working right now. :c)

Busy, busy, busy....

I feel like it has been forever since I posted, when really it has only been a few days. I did manage to work on my log cabin blocks on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon (when I was with my friend). I have only one side left to sew on them, but haven't done a bit of sewing in over 48 hours. I'm just too bogged down with life right now that I can't seem to get in the mood to sew. Before the brain fog rolled in though, I did manage to make a test block of the pattern I plan to use on my Paducah Charms quilt. I liked the way it came together so I think I'll stick with it. But I don't get to work on it until I have at least one of the tops quilted. And yes, ladies, I do plan on quilting them! I have never let them pile up before. My sweet hubby promises me that we will get the backing and batting and thread tomorrow and that he will also baste it then too! Now, I love my dear husband more than life itself... but, he does tend to break a lot of promises, God love him. So, we will see.

Yesterday we discovered that the Heffalump birthday supplies my son was hoping for (for over 6 months now) was no longer available anywhere! We went to 5 stores looking. So, we had to start over and I really wanted him to find something he could be excited about and look forward to having for his birthday. Finally, at the last store of course, he picked Curious George! I'm going to have to rethink all the plans, but they had a whole lot of different things so it shouldn't be too hard! Besides, I am fond of that little monkey myself. :c)

Took my dear daughter to her very first eye appointment today. She needs glasses. She is only 8 and it can be hard when they are so young. I was the same way. She did really well with the appointment and had fun trying on different frames. She initially had her heart set on a purple pair of frames, but when she looked in the mirror decided the gold ones matched her hair better. LOL! Oh, it is starting already!!!

Now, on a personal note.... meaning totally not quilt related so feel free to just gloss over this part. We have decided to homeschool again this year. However, it won't just be my daughter this time around it will be my son too! I know it is best for them both and I'm a firm believer in doing what is best for my kids... their needs before mine! However, a small part of me was hoping to be able to spread my wings a bit, maybe take on a part-time job or something. Hubby works morning, afternoon and evening, so I could really only do something when the kids would have possibly been in school. And we would never even think about daycare around here!!! So, that just leaves me. Now, that I have gotten over my initial selfishness, I have become completely overwhelmed at planning the curriculum for two, and at such different levels, and such. I know I will do it... just haven't figured out exactly how yet. And I do tend to be a perfectionist so I know I'm putting way more pressure on myself than probably necessary. I complained to hubby that all this "thinking" was the reason for my lack of sewing. He surprisingly promised that on Sunday he would get together with me and work it all out. Again, I know all about his promises, LOL! But the thought was nice and appreciated. One definite good thing though is that the kids will be going to "The Art House" one hour a week and I will have the whole house all to myself! I'm looking forward to it already!

Oh, and just between you and me... another reason I haven't been sewing is that I have become addicted to a BBC show that we rented through Netflix. I have only watched the first season, but am hooked! It is called "Monarch of the Glen". It is great as I used to watch Ballykissangel, but that show has been over for some time now and this kind of has the same light drama type of a feel and some great humor as well.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sampler of Psalms Top Finished!

Yes! Another top done! I wonder what I will work on next??? I have several online mysteries that I should probably tend to, or also my log cabin. Hmmm. I guess I will see where my mood takes me tomorrow. As for tonight, I'm done! Sweet dreams to all the quilters out there! And to quiltpixie... thank you for the well wishes... you gave me a good chuckle!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Framed blocks...

Back in the swing of things today. I think I was motivated when I received a package from Quilt in a Day with all sorts of notions and things. I got a new rotary cutter (much needed as I've been using glue and tape to hold my other one together for several years now. Sounds strange, I know! So, I took a picture to show where it was broken (from too much use). This could be the reason for the design change between the side button on this one and the buttons on the newer versions. I couldn't wait to break the new one in! So, here you go... four framed blocks. It is amazing what a difference adding that lighter blue makes! Next stop, putting the blocks all together!

Sampler of Psalms Q & A

I didn't manage to get a thing done today... hubby and kids and stuff took up all my time. So, nothing to post in that regard. However there were a few questions regarding the Sampler of Psalms quilt...

Quiltpixie... I wish I could say that I designed this myself, but no such luck. It is from an online mystery at
Quilters' Neighbourhood. It is the third of her mysteries I've done. The first was a simple Christmas tablerunner, then the Rejoice! quilt... pic posted somewhere in the archives here, and now this one. She has a current one that is posted that I would also like to try and is thinking about doing another Christmas one.

ForestJane... The larger image is actually comprised of the first six months of the mystery, the tree was the first one and then there are four more blocks in the corners that were four other months, then there was putting it all together in addition to the broken dishes border. I believe that was the sixth month. The smaller image of the Peace and Plenty block is one of 6 more blocks... the others are again posted somewhere in the archives here, that will go on the top or bottom of this center design. The quilt is very rectangular in shape... a banner actually. Last night I worked on Part 1 on the completion by adding the purple border. Some of the last 6 blocks are a couple inches smaller than the others, so the next step is to add borders to them. There is a picture of the completed version
here. There is actually a larger version, square, but I am so behind on everything that I made the executive decision last night to just have the banner size. :c)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Psalms Center w/ Border

Okay, so I was going to wait until "tomorrow" to work on the borders. But it is well after Midnight so that counts as "tomorrow". I have the border around the center done now. After I get some sleep I'll work on the borders I need to put around 4 (not 3) of the 6 blocks. Well, those are the plans anyway. Hubby is always home a lot on Sundays and the kids aren't as well behaved when he is home, so between the three of them, who really knows what I will manage to get done. LOL!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back to the Psalms

With those three quilt tops finished, I need to focus on my UFO's again and decided to work on my Sampler of Psalms. I only had one more block to do before I get to start adding borders and such to make everything fit together. So, here is my Peace and Plenty block. It was easy until the very last seam and it gave me fits! But it is done now. So, tomorrow I'll work on borders for the center and three of the blocks. And then perhaps by Sunday night I'll have another top completed... poor hubby, the work is just piling up on him!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Reached the Top of the Stairs!

Woohoo! Two quilts tops finished in one day. I just added the last border to the Stairstepper quilt. That makes three tops in one week... boy does my hubby have his work cut out for him. He better get to it soon as Gentry's birthday is Aug. 21.
Now I have to get back to some UFO's. I really need to work on my Sampler of Psalms, so I guess that is what I'll do. I should probably do it tonight or else I might not get around to it at all.

The AC man came back last night, "said" he fixed it and left in a hurry. 10 minutes later more flooding. Hubby called him again and he said it must be a clog in the pipe in the wall and it would be lots of work, need to use a special machine, etc. I finally convinced my dear husband that this man was completely incompetent and I suggested that he check out a couple of things himself. Well, it only took two seconds and just half a brain to see that the rubber part connecting the two pipes was all cracked and torn up and obviously was the real reason for the leak... as that is also where the water was coming from. Hubby replaced it this morning... the piece cost around $3. Now we just have to deal with the carpet... but at least I don't have to see that guy anymore!

XY and Z!

The alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end! Okay well, technically the end would be the binding. But the top is finished, praise God! Now, I'm going to cuddle with the kids and watch some PBS for awhile. Then it is back to sewing those borders on the other quilt. I never did get around to it yesterday, I just kept working on Gentry's. I love that he doesn't know those are letters are being put into his birthday quilt. What a wonderful surprise that will be!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

ABC Quilt Growing...

Gentry's quilt is growing and growing. It is a bit bigger than I had originally intended which means I'll probably make the border smaller.

Thank you all for your sweet comments. The sad thing is... I'm not a "beginner". I've been at this for 11 years! How sad is that? LOL! That's okay. I know I will continue to try new things and as long as my children get their birthday quilts each year, they will be happy.

We had some loud storms this afternoon. I think we lost power about a dozen times... it was like it couldn't make up it's mind... off, on, off, on, off, on. I was actually trying to sew on my machine at the time. ROFL!

The AC man is supposed to come over tonight, but I think my carpet is completely ruined now and starting to smell. Now, we just have to see what the landlord wants to do about it.

Okay, I have to give my back a rest and then get going on the other quilt. :c)

Food for thought...

Today wasn't quite like I expected it to be. I did get to go see my friend, Jackie. Had a great time! I wasn't too productive though and then in the evening didn't feel up to sewing. Overall though I did cut and piece fabric for the inner border on the stairstepper quilt and sewed it on to the two sides. And I pieced a row together for the ABC quilt. I hope to get a lot more done on both tomorrow. However, I decided to post this tiny wall-hanging I did a long time ago so that you at least have something to look at. The colors are off as the flower in the top right is really a bright hot pink. But you still get the idea.

My room is becoming so "swampy" from the leaking AC. We keep trying to soak it all up and have gone through so many towels. It is hopeless. I thing the carpet will need to be taken up when this is all done. Oh, and the AC guy hasn't returned any of our calls today. I think I'm almost to the point that I'm just resigned to the fact that we will never have AC. LOL!

And now, a bit of perspective. I've been doing a lot of browsing around and have come to the conclusion that I am in need of creativity, talent and brilliance. I am constantly so impressed with everyone else's quilts. Mine are just so basic. I would like to think that I have improved over the years, but I'm starting to have my doubts. And I'm not "putting myself down". I just think I am lacking in several areas. Food for thought...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top Finished!

I finished the top of my quilt tonight! No pictures though... I'm going to wait until it is quilted. :cP

Okay, so the house was so cool last night and this morning and this afternoon... and then tonight I was walking into my room and found that my carpet was soaked. Yes, there is some sort of leak from the inside AC unit (which is right next to my room). So, I had to turn it off to hopefully prevent further leakage and flooding. I'm going over to my friend's house tomorrow for a bit of quilty fun, so hopefully I won't have to be around to deal with anything.

I also finished tracing the letters/pictures for Gentry's quilt today. He has two left to color, but he didn't get to color today as he was very naughty this morning with his crayons. So, I had to punish him. :c( And we probably won't have time to color tomorrow as I'll be gone a lot. That's okay though. I can work on sewing the other rows if I want to. Besides, I still have over a month before his birthday.

I didn't work on the Stairstepper borders either. Perhaps I will do them tomorrow. Or maybe I will work on my little charm quilt. I'm going to use a different variation of the twin sister's pattern from Eleanor Burns. Oh, so many quilts... so little time. If I were really going to be a good girl, I would finish up another UFO top. I can't do any quilting on anything yet as I'm minus backing and batting for them all. But I could finish up those tops so my hubby could baste several of them at the same time. Yes, that's right, my hubby bastes my quilts... mostly anyway. He spray bastes them for me (as I have asthma and am sensitive to the spray) and then I go fold up the edges and secure the quilt further with some safety pins here and there. He bastes them in the kitchen so he has to move out the table and chairs. So, it is best if he can just do several at once. It is so easy to love them when they are this nice. :c)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What A Great Way To Start the Week!

It is always nice to have a good Monday, isn't it? It didn't start off very well, but finished wonderfully. We called the AC man several times this morning and he said he didn't get any of the messages we left on his cell phone. We finally reached him in the afternoon and he came by about 7:00. Apparently he had some wires attached incorrectly that kept causing the unit to overheat or something like that. All I know is... it has been working wonderfully since then! It is actually chilly in my house right now. The real test will be later this week when it gets hotter. In the meantime, I will sleep well tonight under cool sheets!

I finished the center part of the Stairstepper quilt. I have two borders I still need to put on it. It seems a bit narrow for me, hopefully the borders will make it significantly wider.

I also planned out the borders for my own quilt and Gentry completed "X" today. So, I feel like I had a pretty productive day today. :c) I guess tomorrow will be all about borders.

Quiltpixie, as far as the pattern for the basket liner... it already had a liner in it, that I wasn't supposed to take apart. So, I ironed various pieces of freezer paper on the different parts and sort of traced around them. Then I cut out the pieces (there were only three - one bottom, two sides) and ironed them on to the new fabric and cut around them. It was probably not the best method, but I managed.

Jane, no please don't give me any "spoilers"... I refuse to even read book jackets as I think they tend to give too much away. I like to just let the story unfold without having any clue of what is to come. However, I am not sure, but I think it is possible that Earlene may have given too much away with the title alone. But don't tell me if I'm right or wrong! I'll let you know when I finish so we can talk about what we thought.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Are you kidding me???

Okay, I'm really not an extremely angry person by nature. I am a bit impatient though. Would you believe the AC quit working again?! We are talking about a brand new unit! He came out, said he knew what was wrong, spent five minutes on it and then it was working again... for a few hours. Now it is too late to call him... or so my husband says, I'm tempted to do it anyway. It is hot and I know the kids will be waking up soon complaining about the heat. I'm probably going to have to stay in my room tomorrow if he comes out again and let my hubby deal with it. I have a feeling I wouldn't be able to hide my irritation over the matter. I do hope he comes early as it is after midnight and already 80 degrees in the house. By the afternoon we will all be melting.

On to positive things now that I've vented sufficiently. I was able to sew all the rows together and the center is now complete. I'm not going to post a pic as I'm waiting until the whole thing is done. Tomorrow I will start to work on the border, at least the layout of the border. Maybe I'll let the kids help to decide as it is a "random" type of thing.

So, now I'm tired, feeling like I had a productive day afterall. I'm going to literally crawl into bed and curl up with the latest Earlene Fowler book. The jury is still out on whether I will like it or not... I'm not too far into it yet and I miss all the characters from the Benni Harper series. And I don't think there has been even the tiniest mention of a quilt yet... hmmm. I hope she at least threw in some quilt referrences for her devoted fans.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Liner/Cover 2

I finished it! Now I can go back to working on her quilt. But for now, it is TV time with the hubby. We rented the series of Stargate Atlantis: Season 1. The AC guy came again so the house is slowly starting to cool down. Oh, I hope it doesn't have anymore problems!


The kids were so underfoot today! We had the AC man installing the new one and that took about 8 hours. An hour and a half later it is not working anymore. He will hopefully be here shortly to fix it. So, the kids were in my room all day trying to stay cool and wouldn't let me do any of my own projects, so we decided to do some "recycling". We found a leftover piece of flannel, so we made this pillow. I didn't have any Polyfil, so the kids and I pulled apart leftover pieces of batting that probably wouldn't have been used for anything else. As you can see, the recipient thinks his new pillow is very cuddly. Oh, and the pillow really isn't that big... my sweet boy is just really that little. ;c)

Perhaps I'll get to work on my own stuff later on. But I at least feel good about making him so happy. My daughter wants one now. She is old enough to do most of it herself. We'll just have to set aside some time to go shopping for the fleece and stuffing.

Okay, going to go wait for the AC man...

The Best Laid Plans...

Okay, so my weekend quilting plans have not gone exactly as I had hoped...

Friday was off to a great start, but before I started working on the stairstepper quilt for my step-mom I was given another project by her. It is to make cover/liners for a basket she has. Now, I'm not a person that knows how to sew. I know how to do the stuff I need to do for quilt, but that's it. However, I gave it my very best shot (and more than one try) and came up with this. It isn't too bad. I have to do another one for her as well. I have the pieces cut, just not sewn. I will hopefully finish that up today. So, instead of working on her quilt, I worked on these. I guess it is an even trade of my time, but I was really hoping to have the top of the quilt finished by this weekend.

Yesterday, I was going to trace the blocks for my son to color for his ABC quilt. That was going to be what I did with the time I allowed for that as I couldn't bare to take even more blocks away from him so soon. Which he had no problem informing me he is still sad that I took the others. I did promise him that as soon as we were done tracing and coloring the blocks though, that he could have the coloring books to do whatever he wanted with. That definitely made him happier! Back to the point... since I wasn't going to sew on that quilt, I decided to use the time to get a bit ahead on the "tracing" part, so I traced 4 blocks! Well, yes, Gentry colored all 4 of them yesterday. So, now I'm not ahead anymore. LOL! I know he is going to want me to do more tracing today as we only have X, Y and Z left.

And finally regarding my own quilt. I was so hoping to sew the rows together yesterday and plan out the border. However, I have not been feeling well lately and each day seems to be worse. I'm tired and very dizzy. I keep feeling like I am suffering from motion sickness, even when I'm perfectly still. It has really been draining me of my energy and motivation. I'm sure it is nothing, but I just wish I knew how to make it go away. So, instead of sewing my rows together, I had to take a nap, couldn't help it!

So, here we are on Sunday. And I don't know if I even want to attempt to plan out anything. Maybe I should take the day off and rest. I just get so depressed when I don't accomplish anything. Maybe I should plan amounts of "time" to work on things instead of "amounts to accomplish". Hmmm... I don't know. I'm headed back to bed for a bit of a rest and maybe I'll have an answer later on.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Blocks into rows...

Well, I worked on my own quilt tonight and sewed the blocks into rows. I have two pattern testers working on it too, but I think I'm further along than they are. I will probably sew the rows together tomorrow and plan out the border.

Two down for today... one more to go. :c)

More ABC's

I found time to work on the first of the three quilts today... My son finished coloring "R" today and when he went to lay them out, he only had 5 total. Oh, was he not happy! He told me in no uncertain terms he wanted them back. I promised he would get them back on his birthday. ;c)
Okay, now just need to work some more on my own quilt and the stairstepper one...


I had a great time with my friend, Jackie, yesterday! We were sewing and talking and everything that the time just flew by so quickly. We are getting together next Wed. too. :c)
I also took a picture of a miniature (finished blocks are just over 3") quilt I made for my hubby for Christmas one year. The picture in the center is from our honeymoon when we stayed at this wonderful little cabin, thus the log cabin blocks framing it.

I have all the blocks made for my quilt! I just need to get them sewn together. Today I was working on the stairstepper quilt, in which I'm sewing rows together. This part is sort of boring, but I'm almost half way done. Tomorrow, I will be working on all three quilts again!

And if I didn't have enough projects going on, I finally decided on a pattern for some charms I got from the Eleanor Burns' presentation I saw in Paducah when I went to the AQS quilt show. So, I'm eager to give that a try.

I also couldn't resist signing up for an Ostrich Challenge! Anne's Ostrich Challenge quilt was just way too inspirational for me! I just have to give this sort of thing a try! So, here is my block. It is an orphan from a quilt that my mom made for my sister. She gets a quilt... and I get a leftover block... doesn't that just speak volumes! LOL! Now, I have to go looking through my stash to see if I have any fabrics that work well with it. I'm sure I'll find something. And if you want to see what all the fuss is about, check it out for yourself...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mad, Mad, Mad!

Yes, I'm mad! I'm trying to be calm and count my blessings though. It is going to take a bit more effort. We were supposed to finally get our new A/C today. We have been counting each and every day and boy have they gone by slowly! Hubby called the man today and he won't be here until... Sunday! And he reminded us that he hasn't been paid by our landlord yet! So, now we have to deal with that too. I'm not crazy about the A/C person that the landlord chose, but I'm not paying for it, so I can't really have an opinion. But now that the landlord hasn't paid yet either, well, I'm just flustered! Thank God my sister provided us with a window unit to make do. Okay enough of that....

Last night was nice. Hubby made up for his "misbehavior" the other night. He rented a movie, a comedy with a sexy lead actor. He actually said, "You better post this in your blog too. I don't want only bad stuff about me in there." LOL! Maybe the threat of posting all his misdeeds will keep him on the straight and narrow. LOL! Just kidding. ;c) And after the movie, he helped me lay out blocks and decide what pieces to match up together for my pattern. Then he even stacked them up, ready to pin and sew. Very sweet, indeed!

I get to go visit with my friend today for some quilting. It should be a nice relaxing time. I am looking forward to hearing about her trips and helping her with her current quilting projects. She probably doesn't really need any help though... she is really good at what she does. But I will enjoy the "grown-up" time.

Okay, I feel better now. :c)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Frogs Galore

I made this quilt for my son for his second birthday. He LOVED frogs, so there is a different frog fabric in each and every jar. This is one of my favorite quilts that I've made. Now, I didn't exactly enjoy making it, but I do like how all the colors play off the black background. And more importantly, I love how much he loved and still loves his quilt.

Happy 4th and TGFC!

Happy 4th of July! I have to admit that this holiday has definitely gone unappreciated by me for many years of my life. But I'm older now and a bit wiser. I don't always agree with the leaders of this country. I don't always agree with the policies in place. However, as a woman, I can look at so many other countries and have a true appreciation for the USA. I have rights here, I have opinions that I can express. I can wear what I want, say what I want, be with whomever I want. We have freedoms here that some other countries can't even begin to comprehend. So, for that I am thankful.

Now, this is probably one of my least favorite quilts I've ever made, but being that it is Independence Day it seemed appropriate. It is part of a 12 month series. I trade out the quilt for the next one each month.

TGFC (Thank God For Coffee)... Yes, I am addicted to my morning coffee. I didn't use to be a coffee drinker, but now I can't start the day without it... two cups of it to be precise. I have to have it with two packs of Splenda and one teaspoon of non-fat, non-dairy creamer. It is the cure-all in the mornings for me. It helps when I have morning headaches, it helps stave off my asthma attacks, and most importantly it helps to wake me up as I am NOT a morning person. It improves my mood and helps to make me a better mom and wife. It even helps to motivate me to get quilting. Yes, I know, I sound like a true addict!!! I love my morning coffee! And I know that it is the caffeine that really makes it so wonderful. But, I don't exceed my two cups and I have caffeine free drinks the rest of the day. So, that is my way of rationalizing my "habit". So, God bless coffee and God bless any other "addicts" out there. ;c)


Tonight my hubby and I were both being slugs. He needed to go to the store and I needed to sew at least two pairs of strips together for my stairstepper quilt. We decided to have a contest, to help motivate us. I had to sew the strips and iron them... I'm pretty slow and I use a ton of pins which I have to stop to take out every few inches. He had to go to the store and come right back. Now, there was no "prize" other than just saying who finished first. I was kind and waited until after he put his shoes on and was headed out there, then I rushed into my room to sew as quickly (and accurately) as possible. No problems there... didn't run out of bobbin thread or any of those things that I would expect to happen. Then I hurry to other room to iron... but the iron was gone! That little cheater had not only moved it, but took it with him!!! I called his cell phone to find him laughing... very pleased with himself. Oh well... husbands... what can you do? LOL!

Monday, July 03, 2006


Okay, the picture quality is really very poor. However, it is still enough to give a general idea of what is going on...
I just joined the first two rows of my son's ABC quilt. You can't really tell here, but the green is really helping to show off all of the colors in each block.
And here is a closer up view of one of the blocks... look at how well my little man can color... hardly ever gets out of the lines. :)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Great way to start off the beginning of July!

I got a pretty little present in the mail today. My dear friend, Marge, made and sent me this wonderful quilted postcard! Isn't it great?! Thank you very much, Marge!

I also got a bit of work done today as well. Working on three projects simultaneously keeps me busy, but also keeps me from getting too bored.

I completed the second row of the ABC quilt and prepared the Q/queen block for him to color... which he did very nicely. Only 9 more letters to go! And when he went to lay them out today, he didn't seem to notice that 5 more were gone... if he did, he didn't bother mentioning it to me. ;)

I found a mistake I had made on the stairstepper quilt (sewed the fabric on upside down... it was a light fabric and hard to see) so I corrected that and have started cross-cutting all the strips. I'll need to finish that cutting tonight. But I have a new blade on my rotary cutter (it's been at least 4 years since I had a new one) and it is cutting like butter. I didn't even realize how dull my other one had gotten.

And for my own quilt, I've completed step 2 of sewing the blocks together. So far the pattern seems to be working out well. I have two testers giving it a try as well, so we will see what they have say.

I also talked to another dear friend on the phone today. She just got back last night from a mission trip to Honduras (sp?) where she was helping to build houses for the people there. She is leaving again next Friday for another mission trip somewhere else. However, we made plans to get together for some quilting on Wednesday afternoon. I'm so excited, we haven't really seen each other in so long, this will be really good for both of us.

And finally the FQs my sister is selling for me on her ebay site arrived at her place today. I'm sure she'll have them up within the week. I hope they sell as I need the funds to pay for my sewing machine to be serviced... another thing I've neglected to do for several years.

Now, a question... I received a collection of about 70 5" squares (samples from Eleanor Burns - Quilt Through the Seasons fabric line) on a trip to the Paducah AQS show, when I went to her program. I would like to use them in some kind of quilt, but I don't really have a good idea. I would prefer not to have to use other fabric if I can manage except for maybe a border. Any suggestions????