Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pay It Forward Received...

Look at what came in the mail this week! Isn't it wonderful! Thank you so much, Jane! I think I have found a perfect spot for it. :)

I haven't forgotten about my recipients either. I am just fine tuning the measurements. I get insecure when making new things, so bare with me.

My cold is mostly over now and I spent a nice afternoon at church yesterday working on Hailey's quilt. I got a decent amount of cutting done.

Today I'm going to work on my third pattern. I just hope with all the winter storms we don't lose power like so many others have in our area.

Oh, and Ruth Ann (from the previous post) has a blog now. Be sure to welcome her to blogland.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Show and Tell

I received a wonderful and sweet email yesterday. It was sent by Ruth Ann Warth from New London, Iowa. She had found my pattern, The Jelly Maker's Cabin, and had such sweet things to say about it. She also sent a picture of the gorgeous quilt she made!!!!! Thank you so much, Ruth Ann!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day of Celebration...

Well, it would be more of a celebration if I didn't have such a nasty cold. Regardless, the 27th is my sister's bday and it's also Hubby's and my dating anniversary (14 years ago). We had planned on going out but I wasn't up to it. I asked for a rain check, so maybe next weekend.

I also didn't finish my sister's present in time, but it's going out in the mail tomorrow. My dear friend, Marge, made me one of these for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It is a Rice Heat Therapy Bag. Not only is it wonderful for those aches and pains, it is awesome as a foot warmer. And while we haven't had snow, it has gotten rather chilly around here. Her favorite color is purple, so that is what I used. I'm thinking of making some for the Farm & Gin show too... if time allows.

I finished the needle case too. It turned out pretty well. Thanks again, Marion, for the kit! Now Gentry won't be losing my needles by pushing them deep into my pincushions anymore. LOL!

Tomorrow is officially the day that I start work on Hailey's quilt. The first part has fussy cutting, so I'm not looking forward to that, but always best to get the worst over first. I also need to work on my next pattern, Bingo blocks for the guild, Melinda's block for the retreat and the next QOYO block.

It's now after midnight, so I guess I'll get some sleep before school with Gentry. Monday's are always the hardest!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Honored!

I received a blog award! Thank you so much Elin, I just love your SBS blocks and you are inspiring me to get back to work on my own.

Now to pass the award on to a few others.... Melinda, Marion, Anne, Linda, Jan and Perry. You all are just a few that have "Made My Day" at one time or another.

Well, I have been so busy lately that I haven't had any time to be on online with my blog or or any other blogs. It'll take me forever to catch up on what's been going on with everyone.

On the quilting side of things...the BOM for the guild this month was to make Trapunto Pillows. My first time with trapunto, not too bad. I did, however, intentionally choose a busy multi-colored batik, so that it might not show if I didn't do a super job. I was satisfied with it though and might do more in the future.
I'm working on a needle case at the moment. The kit was a gift from my Secret Santa. I'd love to finish it today, but sadly my wee ones have passed on a cold to me and I might just nap most of the day away.
I'm all set up for the retreat next fall! I got the class I was hoping for and 7 people have already signed up for the one I'm teaching. In addition, a dear friend of mine gave me a present yesterday that she made and I asked if she would mind me making the same to give to those who are taking my class. I have been trying to think of what to make for at least 6 months now, and I'm so relieved to have that decision made. Now, I just need to set aside time to do it.
I sketched out Hailey's bday quilt yesterday. She found one in an older catalog that she liked, but the price for the kit was a bit much, so I decided to make due and make something similar. I have all the fabrics and will start working on it next Monday. The border is made from quite a few pieces, but the center should be relatively quick, so hopefully it will all even out. Gentry has already started giving me ideas for his next one too. LOL!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hoping for snow...

If all goes the way I want it to, we might have some snow at the end of the week. But I'm not really counting on it. We don't have snow very often. I'm still hoping though.

I had a friend over for a bit yesterday. It was just what I needed to get going on stuff. I made a block for the guild's donation to the Farm and Gin show. They are going with jewel tones.

After that was done my friend left, but I was still feeling motivated so I finally finished the second round of my Ostrich Challenge quilt, "Binary" was the theme. I decided when I started that this quilt was meant for me to challenge myself. I definitely did that with this round...the non-uniform and quirky meander of the bias tape...very unlike me. I enjoyed my accomplishment for about two seconds before I realized I had no idea what I was going to do for the next round. LOL!

I finished quilting on my Wreath WH, yes, I know, it is after Christmas. I still have about half of the binding to do and some type of sleeve. I wanted to finish up the guild stuff first though. I still have the BOM to do, but I'm having to search high and low for water-soluble thread. I didn't realize it would be so hard to come by and I don't have time to order it. Still not sure I want to do this block at all, but I'll probably give it a try anyway.

My next pattern hit a speed bump, the layout wasn't working as well as I had hoped for. So, now I think I have that part solved. Just struggling with finding the time to piece it! Maybe I can get an hour in today.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Oh, I wish you all a very blessed 2008! I've been spending extra time with the hubby and kids over the holiday. It has been wonderful, but I have gone through a few "blog" withdrawals. Christmas was wonderful and the kids had such fun with their new things. We let them stay up until Midnight for the New Year, playing games, reading together and having some great, yet simple snacks including Cocktail Meatballs, Rotel Cheese Dip and chips and the Gingerbread house we had decorated together. New Years day was even more casual with a big pot of black-eyed peas and cornbread.

Today I'm back to work... mostly on my next pattern. A tiny hint is that it is made from A LOT of charms. I'll try to post a bit of a sneak peek picture soon. I have promised to have it ready sometime in the Spring, but I'll also have Hailey's Birthday quilt to tend with at the same time, so wish me luck.

Tonight I'm going to work on the binding of the Wreath quilt. I know, Christmas is over, but I'm so close to having it finished, I can't bare the thought of waiting until next fall to finish it up.

Speaking of finishing... here is my new UFO list... why does it have to be so long??? LOL! If all goes well I'll be able to cross off something by tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some handwork done while watching the game.

What game??? The Fiesta Bowl with the OU Sooners of course! I wish I still lived in AZ right about now.

Hubby and I are also going to try to finish the second half of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Boy it is a long movie!

UFOs 2008

Needs to be quilted and bound...
  • Twisted Sisters Quilt
  • Rejoice Quilt
  • Sampler of Psalms Quilt
  • Jacob's Ladder Quilt
  • Katydid Mystery Quilt
  • Raspberry Tea in Tuscany Quilt
  • Wreath Quilt

Needs to be pieced, quilted and bound...
  • Jack-o'-lantern wall-hanging
  • Christmas Quilt 1
  • Christmas Quilt 2
  • Charm Quilt
  • Autumn Sampler Quilt
  • Mystery #122A Quilt
  • Mystery #122B Quilt
  • Hailey's Birthday Quilt
  • Christmas Greetings Table Runner
  • Retreat Swap Christmas Quilt
  • Judy's Quilt
  • Ostrich Challenge Quilt
  • Hailey's Round Robin Quilt
  • Underground Railroad Quilt
  • "New Pattern" Quilt
  • Christmas Table Topper
  • QOYO Quilt