Saturday, July 01, 2006

Great way to start off the beginning of July!

I got a pretty little present in the mail today. My dear friend, Marge, made and sent me this wonderful quilted postcard! Isn't it great?! Thank you very much, Marge!

I also got a bit of work done today as well. Working on three projects simultaneously keeps me busy, but also keeps me from getting too bored.

I completed the second row of the ABC quilt and prepared the Q/queen block for him to color... which he did very nicely. Only 9 more letters to go! And when he went to lay them out today, he didn't seem to notice that 5 more were gone... if he did, he didn't bother mentioning it to me. ;)

I found a mistake I had made on the stairstepper quilt (sewed the fabric on upside down... it was a light fabric and hard to see) so I corrected that and have started cross-cutting all the strips. I'll need to finish that cutting tonight. But I have a new blade on my rotary cutter (it's been at least 4 years since I had a new one) and it is cutting like butter. I didn't even realize how dull my other one had gotten.

And for my own quilt, I've completed step 2 of sewing the blocks together. So far the pattern seems to be working out well. I have two testers giving it a try as well, so we will see what they have say.

I also talked to another dear friend on the phone today. She just got back last night from a mission trip to Honduras (sp?) where she was helping to build houses for the people there. She is leaving again next Friday for another mission trip somewhere else. However, we made plans to get together for some quilting on Wednesday afternoon. I'm so excited, we haven't really seen each other in so long, this will be really good for both of us.

And finally the FQs my sister is selling for me on her ebay site arrived at her place today. I'm sure she'll have them up within the week. I hope they sell as I need the funds to pay for my sewing machine to be serviced... another thing I've neglected to do for several years.

Now, a question... I received a collection of about 70 5" squares (samples from Eleanor Burns - Quilt Through the Seasons fabric line) on a trip to the Paducah AQS show, when I went to her program. I would like to use them in some kind of quilt, but I don't really have a good idea. I would prefer not to have to use other fabric if I can manage except for maybe a border. Any suggestions????


quiltpixie said...

Years between changing rotary blades!!! I can't imagine. I'm lucky to go a month or 2 without changing mine. Re the 5" squares, lock at your local quilt shop or library for a book called "Nickel Quilts" or the second one called "More Nickel Quilts". They're designs based on 5" (nickel) patches. Maybe you'll see something in there you like.

Sharon said...

Ah, yes, I was going to recommend the same book - I just pulled mine out to use a lot of my nickels on my next trip to Mayo Clinic!

ForestJane said...

Do you use EQ5? What kinds of colors do you have to work with?

Have you ever visited Bonnie's site, ?

She has a couple of them that are mostly squares that you might look at - a trip around the world one and a streak of sunshine pattern. Of course, hers are all strip pieced, not already cut individual squares, but good for some ideas!