Monday, July 17, 2006

Sampler of Psalms Q & A

I didn't manage to get a thing done today... hubby and kids and stuff took up all my time. So, nothing to post in that regard. However there were a few questions regarding the Sampler of Psalms quilt...

Quiltpixie... I wish I could say that I designed this myself, but no such luck. It is from an online mystery at
Quilters' Neighbourhood. It is the third of her mysteries I've done. The first was a simple Christmas tablerunner, then the Rejoice! quilt... pic posted somewhere in the archives here, and now this one. She has a current one that is posted that I would also like to try and is thinking about doing another Christmas one.

ForestJane... The larger image is actually comprised of the first six months of the mystery, the tree was the first one and then there are four more blocks in the corners that were four other months, then there was putting it all together in addition to the broken dishes border. I believe that was the sixth month. The smaller image of the Peace and Plenty block is one of 6 more blocks... the others are again posted somewhere in the archives here, that will go on the top or bottom of this center design. The quilt is very rectangular in shape... a banner actually. Last night I worked on Part 1 on the completion by adding the purple border. Some of the last 6 blocks are a couple inches smaller than the others, so the next step is to add borders to them. There is a picture of the completed version
here. There is actually a larger version, square, but I am so behind on everything that I made the executive decision last night to just have the banner size. :c)

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quiltpixie said...

thanks for the link Kimberly! I'll have to let a friend know about this as she recently did a course on the psalms and was looking to do a quilt as her assisgnment...