Thursday, August 24, 2006

He loved it!

Gentry loved his quilt! He was so shocked to see all his artwork in it, but very pleased. He also claims that it is very cozy. ;c)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

OC Round 1

I just finished round one of the OC (Ostrich Challenge). I got a bit carried away with the size, so the next round I'll probably have to go much smaller. It is already 22" and I wasn't thinking of doing anything very big. Ooops! LOL!

Now, I guess I can get back to work on my Raspberry Tea quilt top. I am also hoping to get the one I designed the pattern for basted next weekend... we'll see if hubby is up to it as we also are having Gentry's party next Sunday. His actually birthday is this Monday and he couldn't be more excited! We have plans for the whole day!!!

I also got some good news on the phone today. My BIL and SIL are expecting a son... due in March. I guess I'll be needing to work on a quilt for the wee one as well. Now, if only I knew exactly what I wanted to do for that. Hmmmm????

Friday, August 18, 2006

Round One and the Omega!

I finished the first round for the RR. It started out as something different, that I decided I hated and then ended up like this which I really like. I enjoyed finding the different fabrics used to make the stripes! The picture makes the fabrics look as if they don't match well, but I assure you that they do! They say a picture is worth a thousand words... they don't tell you how many of those "words" are inaccurate. LOL!

I just completed Gentry's ABC quilt! Well, technically I still have some threads to trim off and I want to launder it before wrapping it up. I just finished the binding a few minutes ago and I'm almost too happy to sleep! I'll probably wait to take a picture until his birthday on Monday.

And now tomorrow, I finally get to take the time to do my OC round! Great theme, Kim! I have it all planned out, the fabrics picked out, everything! Just needed to finish Gentry's and the other RR first. I'll be sure to take a picture of it as soon as it is done!

School has been going well... still adjusting to the new routine. But I guess I'm doing okay as my son said he never wants to have another teacher ever, and Hailey claims to feel sorry for the children in her old school that don't have mommies willing to homeschool. What great praise! Now if only I can stop being so tired. LOL!

Jane, by the way, I did finally finish "The Saddlemaker's Wife." I was actually a little disappointed. I felt depressed through most of the story and I didn't connect quite as well as I have with the Benni Harper characters. I really do hope that I'm the only one that feels that way as I do want her book to do extremely well. Now, I'm back to one of my other series... the Needlecraft Mysteries by Monica Ferris. I'm a bit behind and just started reading, "Embroidered Truths." Does anyone else out there enjoy this series?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

All done!

I finished the quilting last night! I trimmed the edges of the quilt today and made the binding. I'll get it sewn on to the front tonight and then tomorrow night I'll start working on the hand sewing to the back.

I also finished the center block for the RR today. Very simple I know, but at least it is squared off now.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Round Robin Center

I got a little surprise in the mail today. It is someone's center for the RR I'm in. I will admit that I haven't finished my own center yet. After I cut the pieces, I decided I wanted something different, so I have to start over. However, I have until Tuesday to finish and get it in the mail and I know exactly what I want now. But the center that arrived today was just wonderful. I have already started looking through my stash for fabric to go with it. I will get started on both just as soon as the quilting on Gentry's is done... only three blocks left which I'll probably finish tonight. And of course I'm also excited to find out what the first round will be for the OC.

The first week of school is over and I was actually more relaxed and less stressed by Friday. The kids did great and as usual, surprised me by how smart they are. Still a lot of work, but I'm feeling better about it. Darlene, thanks for the kind comments. People always say that they couldn't do it, but I don't believe it. I mean, as parents we want what is best for our children, and in this case home-school is what is best right now. Besides, how many sacrifices do parents make for their kids on a daily basis! It is just part of the job. And quilt pixie, they do get a "fall break" which isn't something we had as kids, but that's about it and it doesn't make up for starting as early as they do. It really is terrible. I guess I could choose my own days, within the legal limits, but it seems to be easier for the kids to be on the same schedule as others.

Okay, I'm off to get an early start on Gentry's quilt today, so that perhaps I'll get to work on something else later on tonight. The cross-stitch is finished and just needs to be framed. I also ordered the perfect variegated thread for my own quilt and will hopefully get it basted soon. I'm so anxious to start working on it!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back to School

Yes, school has already started here... very early I know. I have been so very busy home-schooling the kids. Today went better so I think we are starting to develop some sort of established routine. Here is a picture of Gentry right before school on Monday. Rene' put the kids in the car "to go to school", drove them around the neighborhood, pulled back up at our house where I met them at the door introducing myself as their teacher and welcoming them to school, etc. Then I took them into my room to find their desks set up with name tags and everything. They couldn't stop giggling! I have been completely worn out each day, but Rene' says the kids can't stop talking about how great school is, so I guess I'm doing something right. LOL! I think I'm going to have to increase my coffee consumption though. ;c) Right now they are having their weekly visit to the library with Daddy, so I finally have a moment to post here.

I have still been working on the two projects for Gentry. His quilt only needs 7 more blocks quilted and I have at least 75% of the cross-stitch done. We are just under two weeks away from his birthday and I need to allow myself a week for the binding, so I need to get those remaining blocks finished this weekend.

I started cutting out the pieces to frame Hailey's block for the RR. We'll see if I can get this block done by the weekend too, as it needs to be in the mail no later than the 15th.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Q & A

One word for . . .
1. Yourself: loyal

2. Your partner: friend
3. Your hair: thick
4. Your Mother: creative
5. Your Father: hard-working
6. Your favorite item: books
7. Your dream last night: none
8. Your favorite drink: espresso-mocha
9. Your dream home: Victorian
10. The room you are in: bedroom
11. Your pleasure: quilting
12. Your fear: snakes
13. Where you want to be in ten years: Europe
14. Who you hung out with last night: kids
15. What you're not: patient
16. Your best friends: quilters
17. One of your wish list items: security
18. Your gender: female
19. The last thing you did: email
20. What you are wearing: casual
21. Your favorite weather: chilly-autumn
22. Your favorite book: mystery
23. Last thing you ate: egg
24. Your life: blessed
25. Your mood: good
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: hubby
27. Who you are thinking about right now: hubby

I'm So Excited...

As you may know, I've been working to lose some weight. I get a reward for each 10 pounds! The first was a book, the second was a PC game. I finally reached my mini-goal of 30 pounds and I was planning on taking a quilt class. However, two weeks ago, I discovered there was a new LQS with a demo/presentation/BOM for Eleanor Burns "The Underground Railroad". It was so timely because I have been coveting the book quite a bit the last few weeks. Not to mention I find that time period so intriguing! You can read all about what is offered here...
The Quilting Barn. Anyway, it sounded so great and informative that I begged my hubby to let this be my reward... keep in mind, that means I went from one class to twelve. And from a store down the street, to one quite far away. Well, he finally said YES! He called to reserve my spot tonight and I'm so happy! It sounds like so much fun, with the re-enactment actress and everything. I can't wait! It is still over a month away, but I'm so excited I just had to share the news. However, hubby did suggest that my next reward be on the small side. :cP

I finally decided what to add to Hailey's block for the Round Robin I'm in. I hope to find time to do that this weekend. I still need to set up my bedroom for "school" before Monday though.

I'm making that slow and steady progress on Gentry's quilt... P thru Z are finished! And the cross-stitch is over half way done. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

And I want to apologize to all of you wonderful ladies that I haven't been posting on your blogs lately. I do take a few moments to stop by look, just haven't had much time to reply, so please forgive me. I'll be better when things slow down a bit, I promise!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sink or Swim...

I'm probably sinking with everything I have going on right now, but I'm definitely trying to swim! LOL!

I still have not finished quilting Gentry's quilt. I was so hoping I could get away with only quilting along the sashing and borders, but I realized I really did need to also quilt inside the blocks. I didn't want to, as I don't want the quilt to be about me and my quilting, I wanted it to be about him and his coloring, etc. So, after many attempts, I'm finally quilting with invisible thread on the actual outline of each picture and letter. You can't really see it, but it does give just a bit of pleasant puffiness to his work. However, I'm not a free-motion quilter, so it is stitch, turn, stitch, stitch, turn, stitch, turn... well, you get the idea. LOL! And it is a pretty heavy and decent sized quilt, with a little machine. I have only done three of the 26 letters and I think I averaged about 30 mins per block! Okay, I know I am slow, you don't have to tell me. And after I do one, it takes about an hour or so to lessen the pain in my neck and shoulders. So, I have to ask myself... is he worth it? Well, yes, of course he is! ;c)

And if the quilt weren't enough, I've also started a little cross-stitch picture for him. I couldn't help it. He saw it on my
sister's ebay site and just had to have it. (She is also selling some FQs if you are interested.) Anyway, it has Lumpy and Roo from Winnie-the-Pooh on it. I just couldn't resist, so I'm doing that for his birthday too. And, yes, I know I only have three weeks to get everything done, not to mention planning his party.

I have almost everything relatively planned for home-school... except Social Studies. I have spent so many hours online looking for just the right thing for both kids. And I have found NOTHING. Gentry, I'm not so worried about as he can pick up stuff from what I teach Hailey. However, Hailey will be tested on everything at the end of the year, so I have to teach very specific things! If any of you wonderful ladies are teachers or home-schooling moms and know of something that will cover
this list, please let me know. Once I have that problem solved it will just be a matter of getting settled into the new schedule. And what a schedule it is too...
  • Bible Study
  • Math
  • Penmanship
  • Reading
  • French
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Computer Skills
  • Language
  • Writing
  • Art (on Saturdays at the Art House)
  • P.E. & Music (with Daddy)

The kids are so excited! They have their little bins organized with all their new school supplies!

And, yes, as if I don't have enough going on right now... I signed up for a RR. I thought I would make something for Hailey, didn't know what, and then remembered I had a piece of her kindergarten art work that was printed on to fabric. I had no idea what I should do with it, but this seems like the perfect thing. Here it is... if you can't tell, it is supposed to be a kite. I showed it to her and she announced it wasn't her best work. LOL! Now, I have to add something to it to square it off before sending it out for the first round. I'll post a picture of it as soon as that part is done.