Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sweet Man of Mine...

Yay! Gentry's quilt is getting basted as I type. ;c) I snapped this pic of the hubby trimming the batting and backing. He threatened to quit if I did it again. LOL! He is such a sweetheart sometimes! And if doing the basting wasn't enough.... the youngest wasn't feeling well, so I had to stay home and my dear man went out and picked the backing fabric and thread for the quilt... both in the "perfect" shade of green to match! I'm definitely counting my blessings tonight!

I finished the log cabin blocks, changed the layout, decided it will need some applique here and there, and decided to call the whole thing "Raspberry Tea".


quiltpixie said...

it will be wonderful for Gentry to know that you both worked on this quilt for him :-)

ForestJane said...

Raspberry tea is an excellent name for that one. :)

And the guild meeting in Germantown is Tuesday night, if you're at all interested.