Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mad, Mad, Mad!

Yes, I'm mad! I'm trying to be calm and count my blessings though. It is going to take a bit more effort. We were supposed to finally get our new A/C today. We have been counting each and every day and boy have they gone by slowly! Hubby called the man today and he won't be here until... Sunday! And he reminded us that he hasn't been paid by our landlord yet! So, now we have to deal with that too. I'm not crazy about the A/C person that the landlord chose, but I'm not paying for it, so I can't really have an opinion. But now that the landlord hasn't paid yet either, well, I'm just flustered! Thank God my sister provided us with a window unit to make do. Okay enough of that....

Last night was nice. Hubby made up for his "misbehavior" the other night. He rented a movie, a comedy with a sexy lead actor. He actually said, "You better post this in your blog too. I don't want only bad stuff about me in there." LOL! Maybe the threat of posting all his misdeeds will keep him on the straight and narrow. LOL! Just kidding. ;c) And after the movie, he helped me lay out blocks and decide what pieces to match up together for my pattern. Then he even stacked them up, ready to pin and sew. Very sweet, indeed!

I get to go visit with my friend today for some quilting. It should be a nice relaxing time. I am looking forward to hearing about her trips and helping her with her current quilting projects. She probably doesn't really need any help though... she is really good at what she does. But I will enjoy the "grown-up" time.

Okay, I feel better now. :c)

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quiltpixie said...

hope the A/C works out soon. Maybe the guy could just remove the unit from the landlord's if he doesn't get payment??