Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thomas in Paris, New Pattern & the World According to Gentry

The last few days have been super busy! I've been working extra hard and long on my upcoming pattern. I am hoping to release it on Valentine's Day, so I need to really keep at full speed to make that happen. I did take a picture of the progress I've made on the quilt itself...

...and yes, I did distort it a bit, just to keep everyone guessing.

Here is the picture of my "Thomas in Paris" quilt I've been working on in my spare time. This is the center and I have just two borders left to add. The quilt is a really easy and fun pattern, I could definitely see making another one like this sometime. And if you stick to just the center, it is a good size for a baby quilt.

Now, I have mentioned before that my son, Gentry, has a unique way of looking at things...and positioning items in ways that make since to him. Before I showed you the Lizard Salad. Today, I have a few other things I've found around the house recently. The first was accomplished when I asked him to stack my HP books on the dresser.

The second is something I discovered when I went to work out on my exercise bike.

And finally, he thought this was a better way to "stack" the Jenga pieces.

Have a great evening!

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Jennie said...

Does he maybe want to be an architect? He's very graphically oriented and seems to like symmetrical, clean lines! ~ Jennie