Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So much fun!!!

The quilt night was so great! We all had a wonderful, and productive, time. My only regret is that my room is not larger to accomodate even more friends. I can really only fit 4 friends and myself comfortably...quilters do like to have lots of space to spread and work on things. I hate to leave anyone out, so I guess I'll need to have many more quilt nights, inviting different ladies each time. These are ladies (and very dear friends) from my church that also attend my guild.

I thought I'd work on fun things, but decided it would be best to work on things I didn't want to work on since I had good company to distract me. I pieced the binding and added it to the front of Judy's Stormy Stained-Glass quilt.

I also did quite a bit more on the Christmas Braids quilt, but still have a great deal more to do.

Yesterday, I worked a lot on my next pattern. Mostly in making graphics for the pattern. I tend to think good graphics are really important, so I try to do my best.

Today I'm going to work some more on binding the SSG quilt and doing another test block for the pattern. If I accomplish those goals...I'm definitely going to start doing some cutting for the Valentine's quilt. However, Wednesday Night Alive starts again today and that means I won't have much free time. In addition, CTS is making it hard to do the hand work on the binding. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

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