Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, it is even colder today than yesterday. That's okay, I've been enjoying my quilty time. Yesterday called for my froggy slippers to keep me cozy. And they worked very well! I finished quilting on the Stormy Stained Glass, then de-pinned, clipped the threads and trimmed all the edges. Today I'll need to work on piecing together the scrappy binding. I also finished the template for the credenza topper and even cut out the top fabric. It was definitely a productive day! Perhaps today I can decide on the backing fabric??? As you can see, my sweet hubby did make me hot chocolate yesterday and even used one of my extra-large mugs. That really helped keep me toasty warm. One thing I can definitely say about my husband is that when he loves someone...they know it without a doubt! The same can be said for the people he doesn't care about too, but I'm so fortunate not to be on that list. The anniversary of our first date is coming up this month and we'll have been together for 15 years. And in that time, we have thoroughly enjoyed loving and treating each other to those wonderful sweet little gestures. I really think that is one of the keys to a good and lasting relationship. Find those tiny little things that the other person loves and remember to do at least one of them on a daily basis. I know that we are happier now than we were, even back then. Perhaps not as carefree, but definitely more in love. Which makes me think that on top of my already long list of quilty things to work on...there is a Valentine's Day kit I received from a friend over a year ago now that perhaps I should at least play around with.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm.

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