Thursday, September 27, 2007

What next?

Too many projects to work on and I can't quite decide what to do first! I guess I need to work on my sister's quilt, at least finish quilting the center part. And I really do want to finish the Fall wall-hanging, so perhaps I could at least trim it up and cut out the borders. I also have a brand new Halloween panel. It is begging me to cut it up and make a throw from it!

However, Christmas is just around the corner and I just acquired Melinda's Santa Table Runner pattern, some awesome penguin fabric, and I have another Christmas table topper needing attention. That's three different projects right there!

And well, yes, there is the BOM and the QOYO block and well, so many other things. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what yells at me the most to be worked on.


Linda said...

I don't do Halloween so I can't suggest you do that first, however that Christmas table runner is just so adorable and that penguin fabric is just far too cute. Hope you have success making up your mind.

mel said...

You better get busy. My birthday is October 25th.

Tamara said...

Your Penguin fabric is so awesome. When and where did you find such a delightful fabric?

Marion said...

I like the vintage look Halloween wallhanging. Of course, you knew I would with the cats. =)