Monday, September 17, 2007

Great Job, Hailey & Gentry

My smart girl just had her first two tests in school today. She got 100% on both! I'm taking that as a good sign. And Gentry has his first test tomorrow with me.... in math. And oh, I was so pleased today when we were working on his reading, which he swore he didn't want to learn how to do! He has changed his mind and couldn't wait to start on it today! He did really well and even commented on how "easy" and "fast" he read his pages. I love it when God blesses the children, and myself, with good school days!

This weekend I finished the 3rd QOYO block, my version of it anyway. I made a bonus block from scraps of the 2nd block and am half way through another bonus block from scraps of the 1st block. That wasn't confusing was it? I'll see if my friend will take some pics and I'll post them for you.

Also went shopping yesterday and got new jammies for the retreat next weekend. I'm so excited and can't wait to go!!!!! Now, if only I can make a decision as to what UFO's to bring... hmm.

I also got some great mail last week. A package from Batik's Plus. Wow, they really know how to package orders, very impressive. I won't tell you about it though, as I really think you should "see" it.

And finally, a bit more wonderful news. My patterns are now being sold in 10 states! Hubby got me a map so I can put pins in each location. Isn't that sweet? I'm thinking of a promotional idea... maybe if someone helps a LQS in their state place an order, I'll send them a free pattern? I really would love to have at least one store in all 50 states, but I would be thrilled with 25! What do you think? Next time I'll post the 10 states, but for now I have a block that I really must work on. I know some of you are familiar with it... Letha's Electric Fan. I found the perfect colors for it... I think.

I hope your week is off to a great start. Oh, and I have an inspirational though to share before I sign off...
"Find what you are passionate about and use it to bless others."


Linda said...

It sounds like it was a good start to the school week, God's timing is always perfect, never late, never early, always on time.
I'm sure the answer is obvious but my mind is mush at the moment, what is a QOYO block?
Last question, are your patterns available in OK, and if so which stores stock them? I think I just "have" to have your Sassy Sixteen.

Screen Door said...

Linda introduced me to your journal--- beautiful quilts....

corry said...

Hello, I found you through Linda's blog. Your quilts are beautiful, great patterns!

Bren said...

My kids got 100% on their 1st tests too. Feels good. What math and reading programs are you using?