Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guess what I got???

Yes, I have a camera now! Very reasonably priced! I've only taken a few pictures so far... but this looks good to me....

Letha's Electric Fan block for our guild's BOM.

Now, I need to see what all I need to take pictures of... I feel like a kid in a candy store. It is all I can do not to wake up the kids so they can pose for me. LOL!

The best part is that I found it on the Wal-mart website with all good reviews and it had what I wanted, which wasn't very much. Then Rose posted that website with reviews, where I found that it was less expensive (than what I already thought was reasonable) at Best Buy. They were all out there and so I got the floor model with a discount! I thank God that the price just kept going down and down!

So, now I'm even more excited about the retreat this weekend as I can take pics to share with all of you!

Oh, and the camera I picked... HP Photosmart M537, 6 MP with anti-shake mode.

Church was nice. Saw two friends that I hadn't seen in months! Both of them are two of my favorite people. Started on my sister's placemats, but didn't get too far as I spent too much time visiting. Dinner was good, but we didn't have our class tonight as the materials haven't come in yet. But that is when we went to Best Buy, so it all worked out just fine.

Time to go quilt now and take more pics to share. ;-)


Bren said...

Great block..I had never seen that one before.
Take LOTS of pictures...we are all very visual. The more pics the better. The one you took is wonderful...looks like a poster. That anti shake thing is something I will be getting next time!!!
Glad your evening at church was fun.

Debi said...

I really like your block, and have fun with the camera. I find I use mine every day.

Linda said...

Great photo, isn't it great when you can find an item for less than what you expected to pay. Look forward to photo heavy posts from now on....

Elaine Adair said...

Your early practice with the new camera is certainly cool - I never noticed wht you could do with that block, but your example puts yet another idea into my too-full head of ideas!

One of the most clever things I've done with the camera is to go shopping (DH HATES shopping) and I can take photos of big ticket items needed, appliances, tools, etc., and show them to DH at home. He feels part of the selection process, but doesn't have to actually go shopping with me, and then I can usually purchase what I think is right, and don't have to deal with an obstinant DH tagging along, being uncomfortable! (oops, did I say that?) 8-)

Have Fun - thanks for the visit and comment to my blog.

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, how did you do that block?

Rose said...

You are going to love your camera. Digital cameras are so much fun--and instant gratification. You can take a zillion pictures and it not cost a thing after the initial purchase.