Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quick Question...

I really need to have my own digital camera! I would love to know what all of you use. Please tell me the brand/model, if it has the anti-shake feature, and how many MPs. I went looking and felt so overwhelmed. I know there have to be some decent cameras with a reasonable price. Please help!!!!!


Linda said...

Kimberly, I have 2 camera's. One's our and the other dd who isn't allowed digital cameras at school.
Ours is a Fujifilm A360 with 4.1MP and zoom. Great camera, this is the one I use most of the time. Has lots of features I'm yet to work out how they are used. The only anti about this camera is because it has a zoom the batteries need charging more often.
The other camera is a Samsung Digimax A503 with SHD lens (whatever that is)...and is 6 MP. This one takes great photo's as well ,now that I've figured out how it works. Both have the anti -shake and lots of other features. That's probably made you more confused than when I started. The best is to go to a store and ask the relevant questions, finding the camera with the features that you want.

Bren said...

I am surprised Linda did not say "Don't listen to Bren if she tells you what camera to get!!" LOL My pictures are awful..you can tell on my blog! I had no idea you could get an anti shake feature. Can you get one that has an anti Bren feature?! That one I need! Good luck!

Alice I. said...

Hi Kimberly! Welcome to blogland. I am fairly new as well but not nearly as young as you are...lol. You certainly have lots of energy with quilting and raising children! Those days are over for me...I'll settle for the quilting now...in fact, I'm lucky to even get any of that done! Oh, and how cool to have your SIL in a mag ad. She is lovely. Again, welcome. Look forward to reading more of your blog...who knows, maybe I'll pick up some of that energy of yours! LOL

Alice I. said...

P.S. Forgot to mention the camera I use...Sony DSC-H5 7.2 megapixels. Love it, but still don't know all of its capabilities. It is a slightly larger digital but I love the big screen it has and the great shots I get. Before going to the store, I wrote down my list of "must-haves whistles" and then went shopping, talked to salespersons, held cameras, looked through viewfinders and compared those that I liked. Good luck!

Rose said...

This is a site where you can really compare digital cameras. I have a Canon digital Rebel...which has 6 mp...I know it was replaced by the digital rebel xt that had 8 megapixels not long after I bought it. I am not sure what is selling now..probably the xti..it doesn't pay me to start looking at all those goodies LOL

This site has links to photos taken by specific cameras so you can get a feel for what can be done with different cameras.

This may be more in depth than you want, but I always really investigate the options before I spend hard earned money.

Jane Weston said...

We have a Fujifilm FinePix F30 and I think it's great. It has the anti-shake feature and it has lots of different settings including a video feature...which we use all the time for our "just wish we had that on camera" moments. It also has a shutter and aperture setting which I've had fun playing with and you can adjust the exposure time very easily too. And of couse it has a settle for "normal" with puts everytihng on Auto for all those point and shoot pictures. I think it's a 6 megapixel. Hope this helps.



Elaine Adair said...

I walked into WalMart one day, wanting to 'look' ... made a mistake and said how much $ I could spend. Walked out with Kodak Easy Share - 5X, a bunch of extra features, very nice, sound and video (haven't played with that at all, and didn't even know what it did!). Many options, that I don't use, nor understand what they are for - the camera takes wonderful photo pics, no matter what I do to mess them up! I wanted to LEARN something new, and am still learning. This was about $300, but have been VERY pleased. It's a bit klunky in my hand, but that was OK with me, and my DH has large hands so he didn't want a tiny one. Do they all come with all the programs, to load into the camera?

I'm very pleased with the camera, but am totally unknowledgable of any other brands, capabilities, etc.

Good Luck