Thursday, May 12, 2005

True Lover's Knot Finished!!!

I did it! It is finished. It is in the washing machine right now. My poor hand is so tired from doing that binding. I will admit that when I started this last month, I really wasn't certain that I could get it done. Such a feeling of accomplishment! I have a friend who will take a picture of it on Saturday, so I'll try to upload it on my next post.
My next big task is my son's dinosaur quilt. I need to re-sketch the pattern to be a lot bigger and find and purchase the rest of the needed fabric. But I never start on his quilts until May 22 each year. So, I have a week to work on many other projects... either of my two mystery quilts and maybe more on the twisted sister quilt. But for tonight, I'm done! :)

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