Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Elm Creek Pin and Dinosaur Pattern

A day for new beginnings and wonderful surprises! I needed such a day! I have been so busy with Anniversary celebrations (My husband loves his quilt and doesn't like to share it with me, LOL!) and then a couple of health problems (nothing serious) that I haven't accomplished much of anything.

However, I did find the perfect green fabric and two other fabrics to get started on my son's bday quilt. It can be so difficult to match greens, I feel like God really was helping me out that day... in addition, I even had a coupon for 25% off! I'm just waiting now for Kinko's to finish printing up copies of the paper pieced pattern I designed. If all goes well tonight, I might even get a block done.

I also had a fun surprise. I won an Elm Creek Quilts Camp pin from Jennifer Chiaverini's site. http://www.elmcreek.net/blog.html I just adore her books. I've read them all. Right now, I'm reading the latest Earlene Fowler novel. Also a favorite series!

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