Saturday, November 03, 2007

Quilt Show and Gentry

Finally, it really is looking like Autumn now! I just love the colors of the trees. I'm inspired to finish up my Autumn WH now. I wonder if I can find the time and energy to work on it tonight?

Here is the apron I made for the guild to sell at the show. My first one, not too bad. It was quite a bit easier than I thought it might be, but it took longer than I had hoped. Hubby also made some wonderful pumpkin cookies (my step-mom's recipe) for me to package up and have sold there too. They are so good... can't have just one!
The show has so many amazing quilts and I took a tour of the plantation manor... it is the oldest house in the area. It is amazing!
Of course, I had to buy a couple of things too. The neck pillow was made by Melinda and it is so comfy, now hubby and kids want one too. And while I have made numerous potato bags, I haven't bothered to make one for myself yet, so now I don't have to!

I got back from going the LQS last night to find Gentry waving me into the house. He is always happy to see me, but this was more than that. He had just lost his first tooth! He was so happy and is now wiggling the one next to it in hopes of getting more money from the tooth fairy.
Today was Gentry's last Little Kicker's soccer game. He has had so much fun! After the game they had a pizza party and he got a trophy and team picture. He is already talking about playing next year!


Bren said...

WooHoo on the tooth! How exciting! Your apron turned out great. What is a potato bag? I may want one. lol

Rose said...

Love that apron and love the pictures of Gentry! I hope the tooth fairy was good to him!

Mel said...

Hey I bought that apron!