Monday, November 26, 2007

QOYO #4 and Sooner Support

Woohoo! A good productive day so far. In addition to many other things, I managed to finish the 4th QOYO block! Now, I'm all caught up there. However, the next one is due two weeks early, so the break won't be long. And it doesn't look like a very fun pattern either. It is called Whirling Pinwheel. I'm not a big fan of sewing curves or using templates.

In honor of the upcoming OU game, I thought I'd show support by posting the really old pic of me. My Godparents were huge OU fans, bought this outfit and had my picture made. It didn't actually have OU on it, but the right colors and the football were good enough for them.


Perry said...

Love the picture!! YOu were certainly a cutie at that age. And this block you are doing..what is it from?

Jan said...

What a darling photo!!! Such a cutie pie!

ForestJane said...

Too cute! How old were you, about 2 or so?

And I agree with you about the curves and templates, not my favorite.

Inmapatchwork said...

Me gusta tu blog, me puedes decir como pones tu firma en tu blog