Saturday, November 24, 2007


I actually get to take something off of my UFO list! I finished my Autumn Wall-hanging.

I also have a couple of close up pics here of a little scarecrow and owl that I just had to add. They were too cute to leave off.

I just couldn't stand the thought of another year going by and not having it done. And I was determined to have it done before the Christmas decorations start going up in a few days.
And I also dread the thought of how this list will look in January when I will probably have to add the quilts I started this year.

UFOs 2007

Needs to be quilted and bound...
  • Twisted Sisters Quilt
  • Rejoice Quilt
  • Sampler of Psalms Quilt
  • Jacob's Ladder Quilt
  • Katydid Mystery Quilt
  • Raspberry Tea in Tuscany Quilt
Needs to be pieced, quilted and bound...
  • Jack-o'-lantern wall-hanging
  • Christmas Quilt 1
  • Christmas Quilt 2
  • Charm Quilt
  • Autumn Sampler Quilt
  • Mystery #122A Quilt
  • Mystery #122B Quilt
  • Hailey's Birthday Quilt
  • Christmas Greetings Table Runner
  • Retreat Swap Christmas Quilt
  • Judy's Quilt
  • Ostrich Challenge Quilt
  • Hailey's Round Robin Quilt

Now, for the rest of the weekend, I have several blocks to work on... two QOYO blocks (yes, that means I'm behind) and one BOM. However, I really am dying to work on that Christmas Kit I won last weekend!


Linda said...

Very cute wall hanging, and I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one with a ufo list longer than my arm.

Jan said...

Your wall hanging is so sweet with the little owl and scarecrow! You did a great job! What a list--enjoy the journey!

Bren said...

I love your wallhanging...lots to look at but it all flows so nicely. What a better get started. I trimmed my list down by giving some of them away and making smaller projects out of others.

VERO said...

Hola Kimberly !! Your blog is very beautiful !! The wallhanging too !!
I want to express my thank´s to you for your pinwheel tutorial .
I translate it to spanish and put it in my blog . Is any problem with that ?? Please put me a comment there . Hugs from Chile , Vero