Monday, November 26, 2007

November BOM and QOYO #5

BOM is done. It was made with a paper piecing pattern. I love paper piecing as it really helps to make everything precise. However, as you can see from the picture, the pattern itself wasn't precise. It is about 1/4" off where the strips are supposed to match. My OCD is off the charts when I look at the block! Thanks goodness I will be turning it in tomorrow and then I won't have to see it anymore. It was fun working with the strips though.

Speaking of strips. The 5th QOYO block was "Strips and Stripes" and it was up to us what that meant. Fortunately for me, the bonus block I made a couple of months ago, fits that description, so I'm not as behind as I thought. Now, I just have to finish the 4th block today.

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Marion said...

Kimberly, I started to laugh when I recognized so many of those fabric scraps from our Women's Issue swap! Although your OCD came out, I still think it is an interesting block! =)