Sunday, October 01, 2006

6 Days to go....

I finished six of the twelve blocks today for the retreat block swap. The other six will have more red than green. I will probably not be able to work on them tomorrow though. We have a special day at church and then will hopefully make it to the fair. I am really looking forward to eating cotton candy and a funnel cake. :c)

I had a great mail week! I received all sorts of goodies. One is from my Aunt Kathleen, well actually my husband's great-aunt, but all the same to me. She sent me a book that I have been looking everywhere for... "Hidden in Plain View". It is a story about underground railroad quilts and is so timely considering my BOM class. Thank you again, Kathleen! ;c) And I got a package with wonderful puzzle books for the kids, both are about Ancient Egypt, which I'm fascinated about. My dear friend that sent those also sent me a great deal of flannel charms for me to use in making more angel hug quilts. I also received the latest Quiltmaker magazine and Keepsake Quilting catalog. There were a few other arrivals, but those were my favorites. Don't you just love have good mail days? But good mail weeks are even so much better!


Hedgehog said...

That's a great block. Haven't seen it before. Love those good mail days!

ForestJane said...

Enjoy the fair!

I'm a pronto pup and onion blossom kinda gal myself. :)