Saturday, October 14, 2006

Retreat Part 3

Okay, now on to Sunday. Got up early and dressed up in our tiaras, gloves, jewelry, etc. for Breakfast at Tiffany's! On the table were little gift bags that were made to look like purses. Inside each one was a FQ and the most adorable ornament... mauve with black feather type stuff on the top, the words "Quilt Diva" written on it! Can't wait to hang it on my tree this Christmas! We are supposed to use the FQ in a Breakfast at Tiffany's quilt in the next three months. We voted for the best Audrey and she got a prize.

Afterwards, we changed back to our normal selves and started packing up our rooms. Once that was done, we had show and tell followed by the auction. I didn't bid on anything, but my friend did and won this adorable pumpkin plate with coordinating fabric... she kept the plate and gave the fabric to me! Now, I just need to decide what to use it for???

Then we packed up all our sewing stuff and headed home. Now, what I haven't mentioned yet is that there were not any cell phones that worked while we were there... completely cut off from the rest of the world it seemed. As we were headed out of the area and on to the highway, all the phones started going off at the same time! Lots of loved ones demanding to know why there calls were not answered or returned. It was pretty funny hearing all the ladies trying to explain the situation all at the same time on each of their phones. We drove straight home and that was the end of a glorious weekend. I hope we don't wait too long to have the next retreat!

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ForestJane said...

Sounds like a great retreat with a lot of fun things planned! I'd been wondering where you were. :)