Saturday, October 14, 2006

Retreat Part 1

I've been back from the retreat since last Sunday night, but I had a sinus infection and haven't been able to accomplish much of anything, including writing about the wonderful time I had. But I'm better now and ready to catch you all up on everything!

I had a blast!!! It was so much fun! The activities were great, the ladies (probably around 18)were great, the food was great! I got lots of free goodies while I was there, which was good as I had no budget for the vendors (there were two) or anything.
Let's start with Friday. When we stopped in Jackson for the quilt stores I found some of the elusive Jennifer Chiaverini Cross-Country Quilters fabric that I need for my Autumn Sampler. So, yes I bought a half-yard of each as that was a bit more than my weekend budget would allow.

Next we arrived at Natchez Trace at the Pin Oak Lodge. The area was so very beautiful and peaceful that I could have stayed forever and the weather was wonderful. Once we got settled in, we had a great lunch... catfish, roast beef and all sorts of side dishes... yummy! Actually, all of the meals were great... no complaints! Then we set up our sewing stuff in a big meeting room. They split up into groups for various classes. I didn't have a class at that time so I sat near one of the groups and worked on a binding. One of the ladies made a mistake so I spent some time trying to help her correct the problem. It all worked out in the end, thank goodness!

Later after dinner, we did the block swap and the purse scavenger hunt. I won two prizes for the hunt for having band-aids and a tin of Altoids in my purse. One prize was a fabric wallet and the other was a little purse type of thing that I can't remember what the name was... something like hugga-bug??? Anyway, it is made from flannel and is like an oversized change purse type of thing that could hold a cell phone or who knows what. It is really cute though. If you know the proper name, please post it for me. :)

For the swap, they placed the blocks on a table and we walked around in "cake walk" fashion while one of the ladies clapped a beat, picking up a block wherever we stopped. Once we all had 12 blocks we then did some swapping among ourselves to try to get a better balance. I spent the next hour or so putting them all together. I didn't use a sashing or anything as I didn't have any extra fabric with me, but I did think of an idea for what I want to do with the border... so I know what I'll be working on in the next few weeks. I'll take a picture after I get that part done.

The rest of the evening I worked on getting my log cabin blocks (Raspberry Tea in Tuscany quilt) put together. Taking along some UFOs was a great idea! I stayed up until sometime after 2:00 and then called it a day.

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