Saturday, October 14, 2006

Retreat Part 2

Got up early Saturday morning after just a few hours of sleep and barely got dressed in time to eat breakfast. Afterwards two other ladies and I went on a hike while others went to their classes. We almost got lost as the trail ended up being hidden by not only a ton of fallen leaves, but also a fallen "tree"! LOL! However, being that it was a "self-guided" trail, I wasn't about to give up! So, I finally found my way around the tree. Then we walked down to the dock on the lake for a bit.

After that I broke off from the ladies, went back to my room for a nice refreshing shower and some peaceful time of grooming (something I never get to do at home with the kids running in and out every two seconds. LOL!).

Then, I took a little while to add a couple more rows to my log cabin quilt and visit with the ladies until lunch. After lunch it was time for the winner of the chocolate FQ basket, which I didn't win.

Finally, it was class time for me! I was so excited about finally getting to take one of the classes. The overall design is great! However, it took longer than expected and I was lucky, as were the others, after several hours to have one block done!

I was so pleased when it was finally dinner time, as I needed a bit of a break! At the table we had these cute little plastic champagne glasses with a pretty piece of chocolate inside. Attached was a note inviting us to Breakfast at Tiffany's in the morning.

After dinner we played a game and I got my goodie bag (every one got one) along with two picks from the goodie basket. The goodie bag was filled with all sorts of things including a tooth brush, an adorable notepad, pens, bottled water, peanutbutter crackers and even three FQs! The two items I retrieved from the goodie basket were a thimble and a 1/4" seam guide. The game that was played involved being put into groups, given a paper bag, pen and poster board. You had 5 miuntes to empty the contents of the bag and create a story by taping the items to the board. The story had to begin with "Quilting is better than..." We didn't win, but it was fun anyway. And I can't post the little tale, as it ended up being a tad racey.

Then we had the trunk show/lecture with Janet Jones Worley (author of "Quilts for Chocolate Lovers"). She was hilarious!

Afterwards, I put the mystery stuff away and went back to log cabin and finished up the center. Woohoo! I was so pleased with myself at that moment. However, it was now after 2:00 am again, so off to bed for me.

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