Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Oh, it is so very hot here! And my horrible home has a poor excuse for an A/C on top of not being properly insulated and sealed. So, we are all roasting here. And sadly that means no quilty stuff done for days now.
On Saturday, my birthday, I went to the church and started working on a bargello inspired quilt for my step-mom. Sunday, Father's Day, gave hubby the pillow case which he loved! It took him all day to work through the puzzles and find it though. LOL! Yesterday and today the kids and I are doing Flylady Camp. So, we have been not only hot, but very busy. Tomorrow, hubby will take over "camp duties" and I'll get to go play at the church and hopefully get some quilty stuff accomplished. I'll probably work on my step-mother's quilt, trace some more blocks for my son's quilt, or work on another Sampler of Psalms block. Wow, what if I managed to work on all three!!! That would be a good day!
Now, I recently found out, after the fact, that we had a tornado on my birthday, right here in Cordova. I knew it sounded bad outside, we had some power issues, but I didn't hear any sirens so I didn't worry too much. It was just a few miles away and I was actually watching the news at the time but there were no indications. It makes you wonder!

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