Thursday, June 15, 2006

Head cold is weighing me down!

Yes, I have a head cold. It is no doubt something the kids have brought home from VBS. I'm still managing to get a bit accomplished though. I have been working on my son's birthday quilt today. Actually, I just cut up the freezer paper to adhere to the back of the blocks and traced some letters and pictures on a few... all ready for him to color. He is working on "K/King" block. He still doesn't know that I'm going to use them for his quilt and I still want the whole thing to be a surprise. However, he loves to open the container they are being stored in and laying them out "like a train", he says. How am I going to sew them up into a top when he wants to look at them all the time? Okay, so here is what I've decided to do... I'm going to have one row of blocks disappear at a time. He'll ask where they are. I'll say they disappeared, like magic, and that I'm sure they will turn up soon. He is only 4, he won't know any better. But, yes, I do feel guilty for fibbing to him. I'll apologize to him on his birthday... after I give him the quilt. :) I guess I should go throw the fabric into the washing machine so at least that part is done.

Saturday is my birthday, but I doubt it will be anything special, so I'll go hang out at the church and get some quilty stuff accomplished. I don't know what yet. I suppose it depends on whether or not I want to lug my machine over there. If not, I have plenty of cutting to do for various projects, definitely enough to keep me busy for a couple of hours.

Sunday is Father's Day and in addition to making the pillow case for my hubby, I've made up a ton of puzzles that he will have to follow around to eventually find his present. I'm starting off with a jigsaw puzzle, well it is really a letter to him ending in a riddle that has been ripped up and needs to be put back together. Half of the pieces will be in each of the cards the kids give him. The riddle, when solved will lead him to a Logic Art puzzle. When he solves that it will be a picture of the place to find his next clue. That will be a rebus puzzle leading him to look in his inbox to find two e-cards from the kids. One will contain a cryptogram, the other a hint to get started. That puzzle will lead him to look all over the living room for a bunch of hidden neckties, each will have a letter attached, which he will need to rearrange to find the location of his next clue. That spot will contain the final clue to find the location of his present. I chose some of the types of puzzles and games so that the kids would be able to help too. I'll get back to you on how long it takes him to complete everything. I may go by the $ store and buy a few little things for him to find with various clues just so he feels like he is getting a bit of something on the way. ;)

All of this effort makes me wonder what, if anything, he has planned for my birthday??? Hmmm...

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