Friday, July 15, 2005

Thank God for the Rain!!!

Thank you, Lord, for bringing the rain! It has been so hot here! Too hot to be very productive. I did manage to finish the 7th month of the mystery quilt, but only one side of the binding for my son's quilt. Now that it is cooler I can work on that binding tonight and the quilt won't feel like it is suffocating me! However, I doubt I'll finish it. I am so slow when it comes to the hand stitching on the binding! Is anyone else out there slow???
The charm square swap is going wonderfully! I have all but one fabric and they are all brilliant! The theme was "floral" and August's theme is "Butterflies". Hmmm... it will be fun to see what arrives.
I had my first class on Wed and will teach again tomorrow... I can't wait! I just love those ladies so much!!!
I hope everyone is set for a wonderful weekend.

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