Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Shopping and spoiled plans...

After a nice visit today at my quilt group, I went shopping for the batting and backing fabric for the dino quilt. It took forever to find the fabric... it was hiding, my hubby actually found it finally. I came home and my sweet hubby agreed that if I layed it all out he would baste it for me. Yippee!!!
I ironed the backing fabrics and sat down to sew them together when, guess what, no peddle! LOL! My wonderful husband left the sewing machine peddle in the car and took off to work. I was also going to sew together a few more rows of the cross quilt tonight. So, my plans were blown to the wind, LOL!
Then I decided to work on my next big issue... deciding the layout of my twisted sisters quilt. I did decide on the binding, but I cannot decide on whether or not to have solid green sashing or yellows squares in the sashing. I sent computer version pics of what it might look like to some friends and got mixed results. I was so hoping for a concensus! So, then I thought I would let the amount of fabric I have decide... if I didn't have enough green to make the sashing solid, then I would go with the yellow squares. Well, I have enough for either choice. So, now I have it laid out all over my living room floor in both ways and I still can't decide!!! I'll see what my hubby thinks when he comes home. I'm posting the pics here, so please help me decide what you think would look best. Just leave a comment for me please. If I can't decide I'll never get this quilt made and it would be the first one I ever made that was for myself!

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