Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Day Behind, 16 and more Trees

I'm a day behind. My hubby worked last night, but decided he would drop by at some point in the evening to drop something off. So, I couldn't risk him discovering my little secret.
Tonight, however, I completed block 16 and have the first four rows completely sewn together. Only one row left and I managed to spend quite some time tonight planning the actual layout of the different fabrics, and drawing the lines on the last of the little squares that will become triangles. I'm going to the quilt group tomorrow and hopefully I'll be able to play a little bit of catch up then. My schedule doesn't actually include my doing any work on his project on Wednesdays, so if I finish a block tomorrow, I'll be all caught up.
For my "cover" work tonight I worked on sewing the remaining of my tree blocks together for the mystery quilt. I don't have much more cover work I can do regarding that project. So, hopefully I'll finish the True Lover's Knot quilt before then.
Maybe I can find a friend with a digital camera who would take a pic for me to upload here. I'll have to check into that.

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