Thursday, April 21, 2005

True Lover's Knot

I am making a True Lover's Knot quilt for my husband. It is supposed to be a gift for our 10th Anniversary. It is hard keeping it a secret. Every night while he is at work, I have to take everything out, work on it and hide everything away, before he gets home. In addition, I have to work on something else to show him what I've done. LOL! I know it will be worth it, but it is a bit much. And while it is looking really great, I must admit I'm getting a bit sick of it... I have 12 out of 20 blocks done... I try to get a block done each night he works. I still have tonight's to do. But the weather was hot today and my house feels like an oven!
On a more upbeat note, I made a new block yesterday (as my cover to what I'm really doing) and I loved it! I finally tried my first "Twisted Sister" block and so pleased at how easy and fast it was!!! Plus I love the fabrics, I chose them for myself. I've never made a quilt for myself before. I make one each year for my kids' birthdays. So, it is nice working with more "grown up" looking prints.
Well, I have procrastinated enough for now. And now that I have vented for a few minutes, I feel ready to back to work.

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