Monday, June 02, 2008

Celebrations and Acknowledgements

There have been a lot of reasons to celebrate the last few months and I'm going to acknowledge most of them in this update.

Let's start with Hailey. My sweet little girl turned 10. She loved the Pretty Horses quilt I made for her birthday. She also loved going for a ride on a friend's horse. She is in the in-between stage where she loves big girl things, but was still extremely thrilled to get her American Girl doll.

Now, on to Gentry. He graduated from Caterpillar Club this Spring and will be moving on to Youth Club in the fall. He had a great "picnic" celebrations. Gentry's BBQ sandwich kept giving him some problems. LOL!

Gentry also had a fantastic time in Mini-Dribblers Basketball. I love the pics where his feet are off the floor!

And I can't forget about my mom, who was married this Spring. Congratulations to my mom, Marie, and her new husband, Jim. Isn't this picture fun? If you like it, be sure to check out Photo Enhancements.

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