Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sooner Saturday!

It was an awesome end to an awesome day! The OU Sooners won! Woohoo, it was a great game. :)

The kids had rehearsals yesterday for their Christmas performances tonight. So, that gave me a bit more time to get things done. I made so many things, none of which I can show as the recipients are visitors. But I'll be happy to share some of the great project ideas when the holidays are over...if someone reminds me.

I did make my sister promise not to visit. So, I can tell you that in the middle of being a Christmas elf yesterday, I had an idea to make matching coasters for her placemats (which I had only finished about 2 seconds before the idea). So, yes, I made coasters too.

I was also busy on Friday night making some ornaments with the clear glass balls. I have to push my finger in them to adjust things. Well, one of them had a little stick of glass sticking out at an angle, but I didn't see it. I felt it though, as I turned my finger counter-clockwise which put the entire piece all the way in. I knew I had glass in my finger (which is the same size as the opening) and I knew my finger was stuck. I just sat there saying, "ouch" for several seconds before trying to turn my finger clockwise and thus removing the glass. Yes, I kept on going though and made several more ornaments. But I looked at each opening from that point on to check for impending mishaps. LOL!

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