Monday, December 03, 2007

Hanging of the Greens

Today was the start of our Advent season and the Hanging of the Greens service tonight at church. It was so great! We got to watch all of the kids in our church lead us in worship. Two particular children caught my attention...

Gentry was cast as Joseph. But my shy boy is known for stage fright. I couldn't even get a normal smile from him, poor baby!
Here he is with "Mary", also known as the girl he has the biggest crush on. She is precious for sure! He did a great job though and I was tickled watching him.
Hailey isn't shy at all and was wonderful. She sang loud, clear and didn't miss a beat. She has even gotten really animated the last few years when she though she is really trying to get the meaning of words across.
The picture is poor quality, but I had to try and capture it for you all anyway. There were all dressed in white, with candles (electric) in hand. The lights were off and it was so beautiful.
There is just nothing like starting off the holiday season blessed by our youth. It definitely warms the hearts as the temperatures cool down.

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Jan said...

Kimberly--your kids look so sweet in these pictures--what a memory maker!