Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas and Birthday

Hailey's school Christmas play went very well on Thursday. And while I know I might be a bit biased, she was by far the best of the actors. Her teacher said she'd never had a student that could act so well. Always wonderful to hear your kids being praised by others. She was really sweet too when Gentry wanted to share the limelight during picture time.

Friday, when Hailey has half days at school, we decided to brave the mall for a Santa visit. I couldn't help but ask them if they thought it was the real Santa or one of his helpers. They said the beard and hair seemed real, so it must have been the real one. LOL! I guess only Santa can have a gray hair and beard. LOL!

I took a break from making Christmas gifts to make a birthday present. It is for my Godmother who will be 75 tomorrow. She is probably the most influencial person in my life. My parents aren't Christians, but she and her family are and they led me to Christ when I was a child. Tommie is an amazing woman who constantly demonstrates the fruits of the Spirit. She is also a wonderful cook and loves lemons. So, making an apron from this lemon fabric seemed like the right thing to do. I also thought these bee buttons looked cute and couldn't resist adding them.


Rose said...

I love the picture of the kids in Santa's lap--Hailey has the sweetest look in her eyes. And Gentry just looks like he wants to have fun in the picture with his sister!

BTW, love the fabric you made the apron from!

Eileen said...

Beautiful picture of the kids. and what a sweet thing to make for your Godmother. Isn't Chritmas time the best.?

Jan said...

The picture of the kids with Santa is just precious! Love the apron and the lemon fabric--what a neat gift!

Bren said...

The pic of the kids is great....the apron is wonderful.