Thursday, September 21, 2006


That stands for Wednesday Night Alive which kicked off last night at our church. It is Youth Club for the kids and a choice of classes for adults. We also have dinner there which is usually pretty yummy. :)

The youth club consists of bible study, crafts, recreation and choir. It also has a theme each week. Last night was "school spirit" and the kids were supposed to wear school shirts. So, I finished the shirts on Tuesday. LOL!

Hubby and I are taking the same class, "Mighty Acts of God" which comes with a 400 page book covering both Testaments. It sounds very interesting, and while I love reading, I tend to be a slow reader. I keep going back over the text, making sure I didn't miss anything, etc. So, we'll see how well I'm able to keep up with everyone.

Worked on the binding of the angel hug today. A little hard as I have a sore thumbnail... or what is part of a nail. Jammed it several days ago and it tore about 1/3 of the way down, but only part way off, so I still have to keep it bandaged up so it doesn't snag on something and rip even more. I haven't had this happen since I was a teenager, forgot how much it hurts. I did see stars at the time though. LOL!

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quiltpixie said...

my finger hurts just hearing about it... Love the school shirts. Wonderful idea to ensure the kids "fit"