Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

I had planned on posting yesterday, but was too busy and too wonderfully exhausted from the previous quilt night and a great Valentine's Day the day before. The rest of my week will be busy as well, so today's the day!

Let's see...oh yes, the new pattern is doing well and I've added to new locations where it can be purchased...Over The Rainbow and Fat Quarter Shop. I just love both of these stores! And on Saturday, in the middle of lunch, I came up with the idea for the next pattern and jotted it down on a paper bag while I ate. I'm going for a softer, sweeter look this time around so I'm using Aviary by 3 Sisters for Moda. The last two I've designed were a bit more work than the first three, which is what was requested. However, so many love the simple and quick patterns that I hope this one will find itself in that category. It requires 1 layer cake and 1 honey bun, which I have already ordered. But it may take awhile before I get to it, as I have to do Hailey's birthday quilt (which I still don't have the rest of the fabric)!

Valentine's Day was wonderful! The kids made me feel so loved and I hope I did the same for them. Hubby got me the usual card and lots of candy, but he also got me furniture for my quilt studio! He got the oak colored set which is a perfect match to the oak shelves I have in there! He is such a sweetheart! Sadly, I ordered his gift near the beginning of the month and it still hasn't arrived. Good thing he isn't as sentimental about things as I am. I'm hoping it will be here by tomorrow! As you can see though, the banquette is perfect for the kids to do their homework and stuff while Mommy is at the machine. It will also be great for pizza and/or dessert breaks during the quilt nights!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I did manage to turn over and photograph the topper on the credenza. While I prefer the dark blue, this is a nice change.

Sunday night the Advent PUPs ladies came over for another quilt night and we all had a great time. Earlier in the weekend I had finished making some placemats for the upcoming Farm & Gin show, the tops were already done, I just had to birth and quilt them.

I also made the guild's BOM, which I have to confess I had not made one in a couple of months...shame on me!

While the ladies were here, I was able to finish up the Thomas in Paris top. Now, I'm in the middle of cutting pieces for another coffee related quilt/wallhanging. I'm going to stack up the pieces and sew it together as leaders and enders while I do Hailey's quilt.

The kids were off from school yesterday and also today. Yesterday, was a whirlwind of a day. My dear friend brought over her granddaughter and my kids loved that! They played while my friend and I were in the quilt room...fun for all. Then my daughter comes inside in tears complaining that someone threw a brick at her and it hit her face. Well, there was definitely a horrible mark there, but I couldn't imagine either of the other kids throwing a brick at her. Well, after numerous questions the true story finally came out...Hailey and the other girl put bricks up in a tree (I mean seriously...where was her brain?!?), which she proceeded to stand under (again...brain completely absent?!?) and my son had tugged on a limb which of course made the brick fall. God was so looking out for her as it landed on her cheekbone...could have been so very much worse! She is completely fine and, I pray to God, a bit wiser. After the whole fiasco though, she decided she wanted to work on making a quilt...how cute is she!

Okay, that's enough babbling for today. I have to finish reading for the bookclub on Thursday and I won't have any time tomorrow as I'll be at church nearly all day.

I hope everyone is having a truly blessed week!

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