Monday, February 23, 2009

Allergies and Migraines

The weather here is driving me crazy....cold, hot,'s having a terrible effect on me. I woke up with swollen eyes and the third migraine in three days! Okay, well, that's enough complaining. I have a very busy week ahead and so much I want to accomplish, no time for negativity.

The fabric for the new pattern arrived and is begging me to "play" with it. But I can't. I have to be loyal and dedicated to my daughter's birthday quilt for now. I finished three of 12 blocks this weekend and would love to keep up the pace of 1 block a day. It's so hard though when the whole thing is supposed to be kept a secret. I have to put everything away and only work on it when she's out of the house or sleeping. I am really excited about this one though and think she's going to love it. I showed you the focus fabric before that's going into the border. The center of the quilt is going to be a book shelf with cubbie like sections. Some will have panels with stars, some will have books and the others will have potions. I have two star panels finished and 1 book section. I hope to get another book section completed tonight.

Last summer, I bought a kit online...something about a Coffee Lovers Mystery International Quilt something or other. Well, it's one of those I want to do for myself. Those always get put on the back burner as I need to do for the kids and the business and the guild, which is fine, just makes it harder to do for fun alone. So, this year I'm determined to do more of the "just for fun" stuff, which was why I was able to do the Thomas in Paris top. On a side note, I now have several tops for myself that really need to be quilted, so that will be something else to focus on at a later time. Back to the Coffee Whatever It Was, I cut up the majority of the pieces and am going to sew this one together using them ONLY as leaders and enders. I've done the L&E before, but eventually switched over to sewing the projects as normal. Not this time around! This is going to be like an experiment to see how long it takes and if I actually can do it. I've already started, as I wanted to start at the same time as I was doing Hailey's quilt. So far I'm pleased with what I've accomplished and it will be interesting to see how much is completed when Hailey's top is completed. Wouldn't it be something if it was completed first? I'll post pics as time goes by...

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Pieceful Jane said...

I really like using the leaders and enders technique. So far I have only used it with scraps. My plan is that someday I will make a "crumb" quilt with them. I will be very interested to see how an entire quilt top pieces out with this method.