Saturday, July 26, 2008

Addictions, Pay It Forward and a Giveaway

Well, I finally finished my Pay It Forwards. I'll post a pic in a few days, but I want to give the recipients a chance to received them first.

I have two new addictions, as if I need to have any at all. The first is an online game, Patchworkz. Check it out at your own risk. Just don't blame me if you get stuck in your computer chair.

The second one is Facebook. If you already have a page there and are a quilter, feel free to add me as a friend. If you don't have a page there, check it out...lots of fun and a great way to connect with others. There is also a fun application (Lil Green Patch) where you "give" each other plants (not real ones, just adorable images). It is a cute activity that helps fight global warming by saving rainforests. So, in the spirit of trying to improve this world we live in, I'm going to hold a drawing/giveaway. For each plant I'm given, I'll put your name in for a drawing. I'll choose three names and each person will receive their choice of my three patterns. Just make sure when you send me a plant, to let me know that you are participating in the giveaway.

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Peachy said...

Hi Kimberly!

I just discovered your blog --- and I added I added you into my facebook friends :)

Heather, aka Peachy (QYW MB)