Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day of Celebration...

Well, it would be more of a celebration if I didn't have such a nasty cold. Regardless, the 27th is my sister's bday and it's also Hubby's and my dating anniversary (14 years ago). We had planned on going out but I wasn't up to it. I asked for a rain check, so maybe next weekend.

I also didn't finish my sister's present in time, but it's going out in the mail tomorrow. My dear friend, Marge, made me one of these for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It is a Rice Heat Therapy Bag. Not only is it wonderful for those aches and pains, it is awesome as a foot warmer. And while we haven't had snow, it has gotten rather chilly around here. Her favorite color is purple, so that is what I used. I'm thinking of making some for the Farm & Gin show too... if time allows.

I finished the needle case too. It turned out pretty well. Thanks again, Marion, for the kit! Now Gentry won't be losing my needles by pushing them deep into my pincushions anymore. LOL!

Tomorrow is officially the day that I start work on Hailey's quilt. The first part has fussy cutting, so I'm not looking forward to that, but always best to get the worst over first. I also need to work on my next pattern, Bingo blocks for the guild, Melinda's block for the retreat and the next QOYO block.

It's now after midnight, so I guess I'll get some sleep before school with Gentry. Monday's are always the hardest!


Jan said...

Your needle case is just darling--you did a great job on it!

Kim said...

I like this. A little something fun to make and use.

Perry said...

Well, I like both of these, especially the purple rice thingy. Love that fabric. I never thought much about needle holders, I always stike mine in pin cushions, but they probably would keep me from losing needles, lol. This one is really cute.

Marion said...

Kimberly, you did a great job on the needle holder! I have a few of those kits on my kit shelf, and haven't seen any of them made up yet. =)

Marge did a great job on the rice bag! It is very snowy and cold here in Michigan, I have one that I put at the foot of my bed when I go to sleep...of course, fur babies always tend to find their way under the covers then.

I am careful with pins and needles as my furry ones are always trying to get them. Sadie Mae is very talented at removing pins from pin cushions one at a time! I have to watch her like a hawk and keep pins and needles out of sight and out of reach of fur paws. So glad you are enjoying the needle case!