Monday, June 18, 2007


Was it really my birthday yesterday or did I just imagine it? My parents forgot it was my birthday, imagine their surprise when my 5 year old, Gentry informed them. I also did not receive even one telephone call from anyone in my family or my husband's. Thank God for my wonderful quilty friends that still make me feel loved.

I do have good productive news though! I finished the Challenge blocks and they are on their way to the wonderful host to be sorted and sent out. The challenge was based on women's issues and each person picked their own issue, a block that could be associated with that issue and then a preferred fabric that would be used in all blocks that would come back to you. So, my issue was "Woman in Christ" and I picked a cross block. I picked a beige print to send out to everyone for them to make my blocks. As you can see from the picture, the fabrics I received from all the other ladies led to very different results. Which one do you like best???

A few more updates on my pattern... It is now in the Product Spotlight at the QuiltIndex, thanks to the "Always Open Quilt Shop" and can also be found listed in their newsletter. I hear the kits for it are flying off the shelves at the "Lazy Mazy Quilt Shop" and the variety of options is growing. Several other stores have purchased it as well and I'll be sure to provide a link as soon as the patterns are posted.

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anne bebbington said...

Happy belated birthday - that's a lovely block, the cross one