Thursday, June 30, 2005

Too Hot!!!

It is so hot here!!!! And our old A/C just doesn't do a lot to help the situation. I can hardly manage to be in my room, much less than piece and iron. However, despite the heat, I did manage to finish the border on my son's dinosaur. Therefore the top is finally done and now I need to figure out what I'm doing for the backing and get the whole thing basted. I guess I will work on some cutting for the rest of the evening... at least I can do that in the living room where it is a degree or two cooler.
I'm just not sure what to work on. I've decided I don't want to sew any more of my charmed quilt until I have all of my fabric, otherwise I'm concerned I might actually end up repeating some of the fabrics. I have started a fabric swap locally and at the Quilts Your Way message board and I want to make sure I am able to include those fabrics as well.
I could go back to work on my Twisted Sisters quilt, but there isn't a lot of cutting to do before you have to start sewing. Most of the cutting is done in the third step.
Oh well, I'll come up with something to do, I just don't want to start something new... I have too many UFOs!
Okay, now as if I don't have enough projects going on, I've found another one that I can't wait to get started on! Jennifer Chiaverini, author of the Elm Creek Quilts series is putting up instructions to make blocks from "Sylvia's Bridal Quilt". It is just so sweet of her! I know I need to wait until I have some other things completely finished, but that doesn't mean I can't dream and plan. Now, I'm wondering if I should try to make this quilt from a large variety of scraps and fabrics from my stash, or if I should just buy specific fabrics to do it in. I'm kind of leaning to the first thought. For one, it would be kinder to my purse strings. Secondly, it goes a little bit more in line with the story of the quilt. Hmmmm... so many quilts, so little time! Don't forget to stop by Mrs. Chiaverini's site to check it out.

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