Thursday, September 03, 2009

Working hard and feeling the creative spirit!

288 of 336 seams for 24 blocks are done! My sweet little boy loves putting the pieces back up on the design board for me after I've pieced and pressed parts together. I must say it is a huge help!

I've decided on hosting an Ostrich Challenge! Don't know what an Ostrich Challenge is??? Well, it is similar to a Round Robin, except that like an Ostrich, it doesn't take flight...meaning you do all the rounds yourself. Also, you may choose to "stick your head in the sand" by not doing one round.You will start with an orphan block. There will be between 6 to 12 rounds, with a month or two between each round. I haven't decided yet, so this would be the time to voice a preference.The idea here is to really challenge yourself. This is a time to try techniques, color choices, etc. that you would normally feel uncomfortable with. Step outside your comfort zone. Since you are doing all the rounds yourself, who cares what anyone else might think, it isn't their quilt...No quilt police allowed with this project!I participated in an Ostrich Challenge some time ago. I really loved the finished top! I learned a lot and found I was capable of more than I knew. Now, I know that the experience itself might be enough of a reward. But, I think I might be offering some surprise gifts at the end. I mean, who doesn't like winning something, especially when it is well deserved???

I'm going to be hosting this challenge on my FB Fan Page (there is a link to join on the top right hand column), so you'll need to go there and you can share your thoughts on the discussion board.

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