Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Munchkins and Last of Branson

Last night was the beginning of all the Halloween festivities. They had a festival at our church, Advent Presbyterian. This year I have my own little Hermione along with a too cute dragon. Tonight is our neighborhood block party and then of course there will be Halloween night. I love that they get more than just one night out of their costumes. However, just between you and me, I did catch Gentry running around the house at 3 am the other day in his costume... looked like a scene from "Where the Wilds Things Are". LOL! I guess he is getting even more use of his costume.

I decided to give the "video" portion of my camera a try. The lighting was poor and the overall quality is pretty louzy, but the kids loved it so I said I'd share with all of you... (I hope this works, it's my first time posting a video file.)

For the last of our Branson trip... While the wee ones were at the tiny amusement rides, the bigger kids got to have fun on two other Go Kart tracks. Hailey is on the one for slightly bigger kids and then there is the grown-up kid one with Rene' and Gentry. It is quite large and is very bumpy due to the wooden planks... thus the reason it is called "Wild Woody".

And back to the resort, Grand Country, they have some pretty large musical instruments there in addition to really great indoor miniature golf courses.

And finally we were on our way home. It rained the entire time, but I doubt the kids noticed... I think they were a bit tuckered out!


Marion said...

Kimberly, You did great on the video and they are adorable! I really like your little guy!

Happy Halloween!

Kim said...

Oh to have little ones in the house again, instead of my teens. I love them both dearly but the holidays were so much more fun "back in the day"
Did you do anything with your Halloween cat panel yet??? I have the same one needing ideas for...thanks for stopping by my blog

Bren said...