Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gentry's Birthday

Another month gone by again? How does that happen? I guess we all get busy though don't we? I have lots to share though... I promise to post each day until I'm all caught up!

First of all, my sweet little man turned 6! Here are his birthday pics...

Wow, when did he get so big?

Well, since my babies are growing so fast we considered getting a puppy... something little that wouldn't get very big, unlike my children. We had an opportunity to have the most beautiful Chihuahua I've ever seen, we all fell madly in love with her. Next thing you know, my face is swollen up like a balloon, my eyes just slits. So, no puppy and we were all heartbroken. We already knew cats were not an option, both Hailey and I are allergic. But the dog allergy was a new one!

Okay, next post will have some quilty pics, I promise!

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