Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Underground Railroad BOM #3

We presented our Flying Geese blocks in class and discussed how to best make the next block. And, oh how excited and blessed I was to win the drawing... the Triangle Square Up ruler by Eleanor Burns. What a great treat!

The discussion centered mostly on food this time around. That the Thanksgiving feasts would probably consist more of beans, corn, roots and berries. How precious it was, the candy we still have today that was made in that time (Necco Wafers). That they started out with a huge breakfast and left the food out to be eaten at lunch and dinner. And in the summer, they would suffer from the "summer complaint", not realizing it was from the left out food in the warm temps. Thank goodness for the refrigerators today!

We also talked about "visitors" and how they would easily stay for a month or more! Can you imagine??? However, unlike today, they were expected to pitch in and help out. And if the everyday person wanted to visit, they needed a calling card. If they showed up early instead of at the correct time, or without a card at all... there was no obligation to see them. Now, that is something that could be useful in my life sometimes! LOL!

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