Saturday, November 18, 2006

TPP Part 3

Here you go... I've sewn the pieces back together. This is such a fun pattern. Now, I still have a bit more to do to finish the top and I'll post a pic of that too. It really is amazing... you cut and sew squares together... you cut up the piece into more squares, then sew the new squares back together. This is truly the easiest way I've come across to make pinwheels. My mom loves pinwheels and because I tend to be such a perfectionist, I have yet to make her anything as I don't want to drive myself crazy trying to get a whole bunch of triangle points to match up. Not the case with this pattern! Just regular square seams to match, so no problems with that! Okay, I'm off to finish the top of this one now. I'll be back shortly to post the pic.

1 comment:

ForestJane said...

LOoks pretty neat, but I can't tell how you did it from the pictures. :(